Singer undergoes Exorcism: Life is back to normal

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Dec 12, 2014 06:10 PM EST
Latin Singer Sabrina Sabrok Undergoes Exorcism, Says Life Is Back To Normal

After stopping medication and firing a healing to rid her of demons, a Latin American singer says her life is back to normal, the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

Sabrina Sabrok, a Mexican resident, said she checked into a clinic earlier this year after suffering depression and panic attacks. But, while the 38-year-old was in treatment, she felt that the medication she was given wasn’t really working and turned to a faith healer named Zulema instead.

Zulema told the Argentinian singer that she was possessed. The two then did a drastic exorcism in a nearby cemetery, which was taped.

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Church admits to 13 ‘exorcisms’ of teenager with depression at parents’ request

from gnomes national news service
THE Diocese of Valladolid has admitted to having ‘exorcised’ a teenage girl up to 13 times – at the request of her parents.

She was 16 at the time when, in 2013, her parents sought help from the only vicar in the region of Castilla y León (Spain) ‘licensed’ to exorcise people, Luis Argüello.

The young woman, from the cathedral city of Burgos in the central north-west region was suffering panic attacks and anorexia, and her parents were convinced she was Continue reading

Catholic Church’s best-known exorcist shows how it’s done

By Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post

ROME — The den of the Catholic Church’s best-known exorcist is an unassuming place, a small third-floor room in a home for aging priests hidden in an obscure corner of southern Rome. I walk down the hospital-like hallway on my way to meet him, and the priest anticipates my knock before it happens. The door swings open, and there he is.

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth, 89, peers up with goldfish eyes through his Hubble-telescope glasses.

“Enter,” says the diminutive priest.

The room is stark, fitted out with a hospital bed and numerous images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Then there are the mementos, which Amorth began collecting after he was appointed as an exorcist back in the 1980s. He has conducted thousands of spiritual cleansings since then, keeping just a few of the bits and bobs he likes to call “the stuff that gets spewed from mouths.” Nails. Keys. Chains. Plastic figurines.

“What seems to be spit turns out to be a nail,” he said. “I don’t give it much importance.”

His services, though still in great demand, are not always needed. “Most times there’s no actual diabolical presence, and my job lies in suggesting those that come to me to live a life of faith and prayer,” he said. “And this is enough to assuage the fears of those afraid of the Devil’s ills.”

But other times, he said, “there really is a diabolical influence.”

Twice, Amorth claims, he saw possessed victims levitate. “We try to keep the person in the armchair,” he said, adding that demons “do it just to show off.”\

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Exorcism: The story behind the story of demonic possession in Gary

Foreword: This case is one of the most bizarre cases in recent memory.  Multiple media accounts detail reports from reliable witnesses; such as the Family Services investigators called upon to determine wrong doing on the part of Ms. Ammons.  Be sure to go to and read the entire document, especially page 4 paragraph 2 which details the account of one child walking up the wall backwards and page 2 paragraph 10 in which medical personal at a clinic treating the children report watching the one child thrown through the air by an unseen entity.  While skeptics have tried to debunk this case, it still remains a credible testimony to the existence of paranormal activity.

The story behind the story of demonic possession in Gary

by Marisa Kwiatkowski for the Indianapolis Star

As The Star’s social services watchdog, it’s my job to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

I’ve investigated gaps in intensive mental health services for children with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. I’ve written about the struggles of families to pay for children’s hearing aids. I’ve studied the state’s response to a paralyzed young woman’s death. And my colleagues and I investigated Indiana’s day-care system, which helped spur a change in state law.

But the article I’m most known for? Nope, it’s none of those. It’s a tale of demonic possession.

When it was published in January, “The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons” became an Continue reading

Denmark’s Only Exorcist Is Rather Busy

by Andreas Digens and Esben Elborne; from

​Lars Messerschmidt is ​Denmark’s only exorcist. While you’re busy going to school or getting drunk, he’s out there fighting Satan and saving people from a life of demonic possession. Though Denmark is ​officially a Christ​ian country, there has been a ​massive decrease in true God-fea​ring believers as of late. This has—at least according to Lars—put Denmark on Satan’s Continue reading

Exorcisms: Are They On The Rise?

Is Society’s Interest in the Occult to Blame?

By Kimberly M. Aquilina | Nov 14, 2014 From Head Lines & Global News

“The Exorcist,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” “The Rite,” “Fallen,” “The Last Exorcism,” “Amityville Horror, “The Shining ” and even the romantic “Ghost” are all movies that span decades with one common theme: demon possession. Many religions believe demon possession or spirit channeling is possible.
The idea is scary. It makes for a good movie, but is society’s increased interest in the occult opening a door for the devil? Are school shootings, sniper attacks and suicide bombings occurring on the devil’s playground?
The word “occult” comes from Continue reading


by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. 14 Nov 2014 from

Archbishop Flavio Calle Zapata, of Ibagué, Colombia, has instructed local parishes to offer an exorcism prayer because of the alarming increase in suicides in his archdiocese.
During the year 2014, seventy people have committed suicide in the region, and violence has also been on the rise.
Last Sunday, the archdiocese sponsored a “day of exorcism.” The Archbishop said that in today’s world “there is a culture of permissiveness” and what disturbs us “is that Satanism has also spread among our young people.”
The Archbishop said that “in all the Continue reading