Real ‘Annabelle’ story shared by Lorraine Warren at Milford’s Lauralton Hall

By Pam McLoughlin, New Haven Register 10/04/14

MILFORD: On the night Hollywood released the horror movie, “Annabelle,” a sell-out audience at Lauralton Hall was spellbound, hearing about the real Annabelle — a demonic doll — from paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, who cracked the real-life case, along with her late husband, Ed Warren.

The real Annabelle doll lives Continue reading

Black Mass in Oklahoma City

It would appear that the evil drama in Oklahoma City is finally over. If you have been otherwise busy and not paying attention to the media, it all began with a Satanic Group reserving a room at a city owned facility—reported capable of seating 88 people—for the purpose of conducting a Black mass. This so called Mass was Continue reading

The truth about demons that live in our homes

Devil-worshipping cults and sword-wielding men in robes – the truth about demons that live in our homes
Sep 21, 2014 11:52 By Janet Tansley for the Mirror UK
A paranormal expert has painted a terrifying picture of the truth about demons which can occupy our homes and their ‘dark satanic history’.

Liverpool resident Lorna McDonald was left living in fear due to bizarre occurrences at her home, which led to her daughter moving out and Mrs McDonald racking up bedroom tax arrears.

She claimed to have seen demonic shapes and mirrors flying off the wall, and expert Tom Slemen told the Liverpool Echo he believes this could be the case, with the Belle Vale area having a very dark history.

“The whole area around Southbrook Road where Mrs McDonald lived has Continue reading

Family Flee From Haunted House After Exorcism Goes Wrong

From The  Inquisitr.

A British couple has been forced to flee the place they call home and set up in a rented accommodation after living in their haunted house drove them to the point of insanity.

Deborah Rawson and her husband Kevin are just like any other ordinary married couple, but the terrible and nightmarish ordeal they were subjected to is far from ordinary.

Living in a haunted house nearly broke up the couple’s 23-year marriage, and even a home exorcism by a Catholic Priest priest, armed with a prayers and a bucket full of holy water, couldn’t save them from a home which appeared to be riddled with ghosts and things that didn’t go bump in the night as much as go boom in the night.

Let us begin at the beginning. After two Continue reading

Visit our other websites

When trying to arrive at catchy lines with which to advertise our other web sites and ministries, it is always tempting to do the “cheesy” thing and rewrite old lines from movies and classic television advertising.   One could use the line from the classic movie Ghost Busters “Who you goin call?”  to suggest that the visitor might call upon us to answer their problems and should click on the link to the other site.  Or remember the old ad line; “Got Milk?”  How about changing that to “Got Demons?”

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On Divination Tarot and Demonic Possession

We receive quite a few letters here at St. Michaels Journal; most of these are from desperate people seeking advice regarding how to deal with threatening paranormal phenomena.  Occasionally we receive messages that are best answered in the form of editorial published here in the Journal versus a private direct response; today’s email yielded such a question.  The question was from an individual involved in investigating the paranormal through the use of Tarot cards and the possibility that such activity might lead to demonic possession. 

Of course, as a minister, I am obligated by the promises I made during ordination to answer this question by saying that Christian Doctrine specifically forbids such activity; however I remember those days so many years ago when I asked my parents “Why?” when they gave me a seemingly baseless blanket response like the church do regarding their teaching on divination and related paranormal activities.  Blanket responses in the negative, which do not have an absolute authority rooted in secular science, appear to be baseless to those that are drawn to certain metaphysical or paranormal activities and lifestyles.  In an effort to answer this question without appearing to take a stance similar to parental authority, a “Because I said so,” position similar to parental authority or church doctrine might not be enough for some, I have wrote this piece on the subject.

In addition to the authority of the Bible which we hold to the inspired word of God, and hundreds of years of church teaching on this subject; the most common defense used to make the argument that these activities should be avoided is Continue reading