John Piper on Personal Experience With Exorcism–Christian Post

By Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor
January 20, 2013|11:55 am

Renowned pastor and preacher John Piper shared about his “only and the most extraordinary” experience exorcizing a demon in his early ministry years, sharing details of dealing with a possessed female college student.

When Piper and an associate reached the students’ room, they saw a young woman in her 20s who looked “very hard and angry and dark in her face.” The students told Piper it was not her – not her voice, not her face – and she was possessed … Read more at the Christian Post online.
Commentary:  In the above referenced article at the Christian Post, you will find the following; “Not knowing what to do, Piper began to read the Bible…”  Many ministers upon finding themselves in the situation of having to deal with a possessed victim, like Reverend Piper, simply do not know what to do.  Largely because many denominations of Christianity as well as educated ministers and lay people simply do not believe in demonic oppression and activity, sadly all too often some find themselves suddenly in a situation where  they are forced to question everything they thought they knew.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of those intrepid men and women that are ion the front lines of the battle with Satan, see this website for more information.

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