What is the Order of Exorcists

What is the Order of Exorcists and Who are the Members

Source: PRLog.org Archbishop Ron Feyl, SOSM
Dated: Feb. 16, 2013

An organization of Exorcists who are fighting the battle of good versus evil.

The Order of Exorcists is a organization of exorcists and investigators who are call “exorcist investigators”. Members of the Order are divided into two categorizes: Clergy and Exorcist Investigators.
The Clergy membership consist of deacons, priests and bishops from many jurisdictions from around the world. Each one with a ministry of exorcism within their dioceses/churches that are available to perform the rite of exorcism. They are Catholic and interdenominational clergy who are working together in their calling of eliminating the demonic as an Exorcist.
When a request comes in from people who are dealing with the demonic and need clergy to assist them, the clergy and investigators of the Order of Exorcists are available, with members in many states and countries.
Clergy members are trained by interacting with one another, year round group training meetings, a support program provided by the Order of Exorcists, and sharing studies of current cases involving the demonic.
The second category of members are exorcist investigators. Their role is to make first contact with people who call the Order for demonic investigations. The investigators make the initial assessment. If it’s a real case and an exorcism is needed, they prepare a report which is submitted to the presiding Chief Exorcist, Archbishop Ron Feyl, who would assign a priest after consulting with the bishop of that jurisdiction/area. If clergy are not available, the exorcist investigator with the approval of the Archbishop, would be
authorized to perform what is called “simple exorcism”.
Each exorcist investigator has year round training and support in how to do a simple exorcism, if needed.
Both Clergy and investigators are warriors in the battle of good versus evil, and are available to anyone in need of help, at no cost.
If you are interested in learning more about the Order of Exorcists please visit the website

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