Humility Defeats Power of Devil, Says Vatican

Humility Defeats Power of Devil, Says Vatican

October 16, 2005

ROME, OCT. 16, 2005 ( The devil exists, but his power is not equal to God\’s, assured the opening speaker of a course on exorcism and Satanism.

Archbishop Angelo Comastri, the Pope’s vicar general for Vatican City, inaugurated on Thursday the course “Exorcism and the Prayer of Deliverance,” offered by the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University and the Socioreligious Research and Information Group. The course runs until Feb. 9.

“The devil exists, but omnipotent evil does not exist. There is only One who is infinite and he is infinitely good,” stated Archbishop Comastri.

“There can be no doubt of the devil’s existence,” he continued, addressing 120 students, priests and seminarians, as well as students from other cities worldwide via a teleconference link.

“More than in the lives of sinners,…. [click here to read the rest of this article from Zenit]

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