New restaurant owner calls ghostbuster

By John Weekes for the New Zealand Herald 8 December 2013

Troubled Botany restaurant an establishment where they don’t usually serve spirits

The new boss of a restaurant that has sent five owners broke in three years wants an exorcist to check the property for evil spirits.

Auckland businessman Darius Karani is setting up an Asian fusion restaurant in Bishop Dunn Place, Botany. He has run successful firms in the food industry before but said the new outlet presented a challenge.

“Nobody’s ever been able to be successful at business over there,” Karani said. “They’ve always had a problem.”

Karani said the medium wished to remain anonymous but was expected to perform the exorcism in the next fortnight.

The building is owned by three trustees. Two were away this weekend but a third laughed off talk about evil spirits and said it was the first time he’d heard of it.

West Hamilton Anglican Parish vicar and exorcist Michael Hewat said he performed three or four exorcisms a year. He said ridding a business of demons was unusual. “I don’t think that’s one of the Devil’s main areas of activity, stopping business. In fact, he’s more likely to encourage it,” he joked.

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