An American Exorcism

The Ancient Rite Performed In The Twenty First Century
by Rt. Rev Benedict-Johns for St Michaels Journal

As you—dear reader—might have noticed, the posts in this blog have been somewhat far and few in between as of late.  Partially because that part of the mission of this journal is to republish media reports pertaining to the subject of Exorcism and demonic infestations, however credible stories have been difficult to find during the past few months with the possible exception of the tragic or the questionable; such as the horrific example of the two women who killed their children thinking the kids were possessed or the questionable acts of exorcists such as the report of the spiritualist that claimed he could rid ladies of demonic infestation through a ritual that most of us would more readily recognize as rape or the case of the exorcist that claims to be able to do long distance exorcisms using Skype®; the internet based video messenger service that allows real time two way visual communication for only $295.00.

We have been waiting these last several weeks since this story broke for the proverbial other foot to fall; news alerting the world to yet another false claim.  Reports this sensational are usually very shortly followed—during these times of a seemingly endless number of would be skeptical journalists doing their best not just to vet the story but totally destroy it—with a press release describing how we the general public have been once again duped by those faking demonic possession for the purpose of soliciting attention or profits.

Not wanting to be among those whose credibility has been destroyed by publishing or republishing a questionable piece, we have patiently waited for this report to be confirmed and vetted thoroughly;  and now as major main line credible news giants, such as USA Today® have carried the story, we feel safe to re-blog it as well.

In an article By Marisa Kwiatkowski, published in the Indystar on January 28, 2014

Ms. Kwiatkowski tells a bizarre story of how a family in Gary Indiana was attacked, eventually possessed and finally experienced exorcism from demonic entities, this in itself is not news as such claims surface in the news media constantly, but in this case credible members of the community witnessed unusual phenomena normally only seen in Hollywood horror films such as the classic of the genre the 1973 movie, The Exorcist.  In this real life case in Gary Indiana, Ms. Kwiatkowski refers to the intake report from the Division of Child Services; (excerpt provided here)

(9yrs) …Child became aggressive and walked up the wail as if he was walking on the floor and did a flip over the grandmother. The episode was witnessed by the psych counselor and DCS worker PCM Washington.

Although more eyewitness testimony is provided including a nurse’s testimony that collaborates the DCS report;  this account of a real life event sounds like something out of a low budget horror film, but none the less poses the question to skeptics, “Are you so sure now that paranormal activity is nonexistent and the product of over active imaginations?”

Other skeptics will no doubt try to debunk this incident claiming that it was simply an acrobatic stunt after all, kids that are into modern dance techniques and styles often use a walking up the wall stunt as part of their routine.  But we must take a moment before writing this incident off and take into consideration that the witnesses were educated professionals, trained observers, and most likely familiar with the acrobatic tricks of modern street dancers, and most of all, we must take into consideration that said skeptics and the rest of us simply were not there to see this event.  Therefore it is only prudent to give the witnesses the benefit of a doubt and take their reports at face value; that of having witnessed something unnatural.

To further validate this claim let us review another entry in the DCS report further explaining this bizarre incident;

(Child’s name redacted) the weird grin on his face and began to walk backwards while (he grandmother was holding his hand and he walked up the wall backwards while holding the grandmother’s hand and he never let go. He flipped over and landed on his feet in front of the grandmother and sat down in the chair. A few minutes later he looked up as if he was back to himself. FCM Washington and psychologists left the room immediately and went to the attending doctor, Dr. Richardson, and told him what was just witnessed in the Ammons family room. Dr. Richardson did not believe it so he asked if the child can perform this act again, the psychologist stated I doubt it seriously; this kid was not himself when he did that. Dr. Richardson, FCM Washington, and the psychologist went back to the room to ask he can walk up the wall again?         (The child) stated “I did not walk up a wall. I cannot walk up a wall”. When he tried to walk up the wall again he could not get his balance nor place his feel properly to walk up the wall.

DCS intake report also noted that:

Medical staff reported that while the children were at their primary doctor’s office the medical staff reported they observed (child’s name redacted) lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him.

Okay perhaps our skeptic friends that claim paranormal—perhaps even demonic—activity does not happen can explain how multiple witnesses saw (1) child walk up wall backwards (not frontwards as dancers so often do) and (2) other disinterested parties (medical personnel with nothing to gain from falsifying testimony) reported seeing the boy mysteriously thrown as if there was an unseen entity bodily throwing the child across the physicians examining room.

You can read the DCS report for yourself at

My friends, as a Bishop of Christ’s Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (Independent Sacramental Movement) I can attest to having experienced the strange and unusual, so for all practical purposes this incident in Gary Indiana does not surprise me.  However our adversary—who has done an excellent job of convincing us he/it does not exist—normally does not allow such events to happen in front of multiple witnesses whose credibility is above reproach.  Usually antics such as these are reserved for the clergy, others involved in paranormal investigation and the families of the victims; all individuals that skeptics can easily discredit. In this humble servant of God’s opinion, Satan is becoming more active and bold in his attacks on innocent people.

Let us pray for deliverance.

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