If you think your pet is watching ghosts, it probably is.

by Rt. Rev. Benedict-Johns for St Michael’s Journal ©2014

Many who claim to have experience paranormal activity in their home report that the family dog or cat often is observed turning its head as if something unseen is walking through the room.  In essence the pet owner believes that the animal is turning its head while following the movement of an entity through the house; while in other cases we have heard reports of the animal barking, becoming agitated, running from the room to its favorite hiding place, or even running through the house as if following the trail of its unseen quarry.  A recent study reports that it is possible that the phenomena of a pet seeming to watch an unseen object move, might be a very possible reality.

On news.discovery.com an article titled Cats May See Things That Are Invisible to Us reports that a new paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, found that cats, dogs and certain other animals see a remarkably wide spectrum of light in the ultraviolet light (UV) range; a form of light that is usually quite invisible to human eyes.

Paranormal researchers have claimed for years that equipment  capable of viewing or photographing full spectrum or in the UV range often produces startling images of unexplainable phenomena.  So called trail cameras—robotic cameras that often have night vision capability and are used to document animal movement through forest trails—have captured images not of deer and other wildlife, but occasionally provide the device’s owner with a photo of something otherworldly; ghostly apparitions.

Of course as a Bishop the church (Independent Sacramental movement) I have to insert Casper_the_Friendly_Ghost_thumbhere that it is the official doctrine of most Christian denominations of faith that these entities that your pet might be observing are not Casper the Friendly Ghost but rather of a demonic origin.

So the next time you see Rover or Tabby watching something moving through your house, don’t disparage your friend by calling him or her stupid, don’t just write off the incident as another strange thing that animals so often do, but rather consider the possibility that your pet is having a close encounter with the unknown.

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