from 2-5-14 Fifteen Cork people who claim to be possessed by demons have contacted an teenage demonologist for help. Nineteen-year-old Rhys Byrne from Dublin, who hit the headlines recently as the ‘Irish Teenage Demon Fighter’, has reported a surge in the number of desperate Cork people contacting him for help. “I don’t disclose information about who contacts me but cases I’m working on at the moment are mostly demonic possession. In some cases they are life threatening, and I plan to take a trip down to Cork soon.” he said. Byrne believes that “as long as there is negativity in the world there will be demons”. “People who get possessed are normally people who don’t believe.” he said. “They think it can’t happen to them but that’s not right. Just as there are laws here, there are also spiritual laws and for a demonic to take over a body, he has to have a spiritual right. If a person is negative, a demonic gets rights to possess that body.” {click here to read the rest of this story}

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