Kent County Church to Start Teaching Exorcism Classes

By Michael Chesney for WBOC

WYOMING, Del. (WBOC) – A Kent County church is starting a class to teach people how to perform exorcisms. The Lighthouse Church in Wyoming will teach a class in the controversial ritual starting Sept. 12.

It’s an idea the church says is needed for the area but is raising some eyebrows.

Lighthouse Church is a very small congregation with about 20 regular members. It’s non-denominational christian.

Christopher Gore says Lighthouse Church has been doing exorcisms for a number of years. And he says during the past year the church opened things up to the public.

“We got into exorcisms trying to help people to feel about themselves, trying to help people have a closer relationship with the Lord,” Gore said.

Now the church plans to teach people to perform exorcisms themselves.

“We really feel at this time that we need to train other people to do this work,” said Gore. “We want to give them sound Biblical teaching and even practical exercises on how to cast spirits out of people.”

Gore says the way his church sees exorcisms is not what the average person may think of.

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