Family Flee From Haunted House After Exorcism Goes Wrong

From The  Inquisitr.

A British couple has been forced to flee the place they call home and set up in a rented accommodation after living in their haunted house drove them to the point of insanity.

Deborah Rawson and her husband Kevin are just like any other ordinary married couple, but the terrible and nightmarish ordeal they were subjected to is far from ordinary.

Living in a haunted house nearly broke up the couple’s 23-year marriage, and even a home exorcism by a Catholic Priest priest, armed with a prayers and a bucket full of holy water, couldn’t save them from a home which appeared to be riddled with ghosts and things that didn’t go bump in the night as much as go boom in the night.

Let us begin at the beginning. After two
decades of happy marriage in their Hull home, things started to go wrong for the Rawsons in a big way.

One day, after taking a well-earned break from the housework, 48-year-old Deborah was visited by not one, not two, but three apparitions from beyond the grave [click here to read the rest of this story]

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