Black Mass in Oklahoma City

It would appear that the evil drama in Oklahoma City is finally over. If you have been otherwise busy and not paying attention to the media, it all began with a Satanic Group reserving a room at a city owned facility—reported capable of seating 88 people—for the purpose of conducting a Black mass. This so called Mass was also reported to feature a satanic exorcism — a ritual designed to banish the Holy Spirit from the follower’s body using urine, sex and nudity —which in the end was “toned down” in order to comply with state health laws. To conduct such a ritual, it is said to be necessary to obtain a Host or consecrated communion wafer which in orthodox tradition—once consecrated—is the body of Christ. The intent is to defame the Body of Christ in the ritual using the afore mentioned bodily functions/fluids; we will leave it to your imagination as to what they do with the host.
The Consecrated Host had been stolen from a Catholic church and supposedly obtained by the Satanists on Ebay. The Archbishop of Oklahoma City Paul Coakley, sued filing a lawsuit, in Oklahoma County District Court, claiming that satanic group Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and leader Adam Daniels unlawfully obtained the consecrated host to be used in the Mass. [see CBS News]
Reportedly the Dakhma group surrendered the Host settling the suit out of court.
The Mass was held and according to witnesses less than half of the 88 sold out seats were occupied, however the protesters outside the facility greatly outnumbered the participants and observers attending the Black Mass.
Finally Archbishop Coakley said he and another priest performed “prayers of exorcism” at the Civic Center Music Hall the morning after the Sept. 21 event, according to news reports. Coakley says the exorcism was performed after he learned some center patrons were troubled about possible after-effects of the mass; those experienced in these matters have found that in some cases such activities attrack entities or even open doorways that should not be opened.   Although the story on reports that an Exorcism is a ritual ordinarily performed on an individual, Catholic tradition does have a rite called Exorcismus domus or Exorcism of a home or locale, a rite that is probably performed more often than an exorcism of a human.

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