God’s E.R. helps cast out demonic manifestations

By BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer for Tulsa World

No heads were spinning 360 degrees, and no one was shrieking or foaming at the mouth Monday night during God’s E.R. ministry sessions, which are held several times a week in Tulsa to cast demons out of people and then to help them stay free.
“We see a variety of (demonic) manifestations, but not for long,” said John Heim, a volunteer minister who is also a Tulsa air traffic controller.
“We don’t allow manifestations. They might raise their heads, but we takeauthority over them.”
Sessions are peaceful and nonthreatening, he said.
God’s E.R. does not use the term exorcism, or deliverance ministry, to describe what they do, unlike the Roman Catholic Church, which has annual training sessions for exorcists in Tulsa and two other U.S. cities.
“We say spiritual freedom sessions,” said Sandra Williamson, executive director of God’s Emergency Restoration, which was started at Victory Christian Center and is now a separate legal entity endorsed by the church. Read the rest of this story at Tulsa World

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