Denmark’s Only Exorcist Is Rather Busy

by Andreas Digens and Esben Elborne; from

​Lars Messerschmidt is ​Denmark’s only exorcist. While you’re busy going to school or getting drunk, he’s out there fighting Satan and saving people from a life of demonic possession. Though Denmark is ​officially a Christ​ian country, there has been a ​massive decrease in true God-fea​ring believers as of late. This has—at least according to Lars—put Denmark on Satan’s top friends list.

​Being curious, we sought him out for a chat and he invited us to his apartment in one of Copenhagen’s older neighborhoods, Bredgade. The apartment’s Gothic architectural style seemed very apt given our topic of conversation. Once up the winding staircase, he sat us in his living room on a low leather couch completely surrounded by religious paraphernalia. He poured us a cup of coffee and we had a little talk about his profession and how he saves folks from a life of fiddling themselves with a crucifix.

VICE: Exorcism. Where to start?
Lars Messerschmidt: I started in the 70s. It was back then when I started noticing more and more physical manifestations of demons. I remember this prayer meeting where a possessed woman was thrown back by something. Then one person yelled, “leave Satan!” It worked. I started seeing a lot of things and that’s how I became interested.

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