Defeating the devil: why exorcism in Australia is on the rise

by Peter Munro for the Sidney Morning Herald
February 7 2015

Exorcism is on the rise worldwide, backed by no less a figure than Pope Francis. In Australia, Peter Munro meets some of our foremost demon wranglers, and people who say they’ve had their souls saved.


The official exorcist for Sin City sits in a comfortable chair with his legs crossed, under a framed picture of Saint Mary MacKillop. He has bushy white eyebrows, a severe side part and eyes the colour of a cloudy day. He offers me a biscuit with my tea.

We are seated in a small, chilly room next to his Sydney suburban church, by a table covered in books on yoga and t’ai chi, and prayers sledging Satan as the bringer of death, root of all evil, accursed dragon, seducer of man and father of lies.

“We have a little chapel a few suburbs away we can use for exorcisms,” the exorcist says, touching the tips of his fingers together as if in prayer. “I have holy water. I have a crucifix. I have a Bible. And I go through a variety of prayers, some to the Almighty himself, some to Satan or the satanic entity, demanding the demons leave. By the time you do all that, the best part of an hour has gone by.”

Read the rest of the story at the Sidney Morning Herald

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