Norway care home hired psychic for exorcism

From The Local: Norway’s English Language Newspaper
5 February 2015
A municipal care home in Norway has been slammed for “poor judgement” after managers hired a clairvoyant to drive out evil spirits because staff were spooked by random flickering lights.

Lasse Svenstrup Andersen, an official from the local Agder County governor’s office, ruled in a report this week that the care home’s management should not have arranged the exorcism and should anyway have informed the home’s staff, residents and their families beforehand.
“This is a practice which was abandoned long ago,” he told NRK. “It was poor judgement. The management on site and the municipality should not have let this happen.”
Staff at Madshaven residential care home, a home for the mentally disabled in Agder county, southern Norway, brought in Bent Egil Albrechtsen, a self-professed clairvoyant, in November last year.
“When the employees worked there at night, they saw things and they were very scared,” Albrechtsen, an artist who trained in California, told The Local. “There were cosmic radiation lines there which were very bad because one of the lines went through a graveyard.”

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