The Vatican is offering a course on exorcism—or casting out demons—this April to teach priests and laypeople how to recognize and fight demonic possession.

by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D.3 Apr 2015

Sponsored by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy and organized by the Sacerdos Institute, the weeklong course titled “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” will take place at the European University of Rome from April 13 to 18.

This tenth annual edition of the course will consist in a series of meetings aimed at giving priests, doctors, psychologists, teachers, and pastoral workers essential tools on the subject of exorcism, learning how to handle cases of demonic possession and distinguish them from disturbances of a psychological or medical nature.

Speakers for the course include experts from a number of disciplines: psychologists, medical doctors, priests, lawyers, theologians, and, of course, practicing exorcists.

After the international success of past courses, and following Pope Francis’ recurring warnings on the action of the devil, the course is already fully booked.

One of the organizers of the course, Father Pedro Barrajon, told Breitbart that the course is more timely than ever, given the growth of interest in the occult, which can open the door to serious spiritual problems.

Barrajon said that in today’s very secularized society “there is an increased tendency to open the doors to occultism and esotericism.” Diabolical action, he said, “is favored by magical practices and the use of diviners, who may have a real influence in demonic possession.”



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  1. Good inititative for lay people in this times. Sad we found out about the course when it was too late to participate God bless

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