Can a Christian be demon possessed?

May 9, 2015
By Pastor R.A. Macdonald columnist Eastern Arizona Courier

Thirteen out of the 15 times, the word “possessed” is found in the New Testament. It is used in reference to demon or satanic possession. The Greek word means “to demonize.”
There are levels of “demonization.” An obsession is to have an unnatural attraction or interest in something. When we are obsessed with something, we are, if not seeking it out, at least allowing it to begin to have an unusually high amount of influence in our life. This is the way Satan always begins. It is something we allow to happen. Oppression then follows obsession. An oppression of satanic influence brings with it a state of burdens, depression, dullness of life or a great sense of heaviness or weight.

Then, if we allow this demon oppression to continue, we become a candidate for demon possession. To be demon possessed means that we have allowed continued demonization to the point of turning over control of our thoughts and actions to the power of demons. Read the rest of the story at Eastern Arizona Courier

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