Demons in Holmes case?

A letter to the editor that appeared in the Post Independent of Glenwood Springs Colorado
Alberto Alvarez August 5 2015
On July 30th edition there is an interesting article about the childhood life of James Holmes, the shooter at the Arvada theater. The article shows the happy early years and bright life of Holmes and how it turned at some point to a different person.

All the articles I have read in relation with this case make reference to the “mentally ill subject,” the medical diagnosis of a latent or pre-existing medical/organic condition to explain the fatality of the outcome. In modern times, science is the explanation or justification for all what we cannot explain.

Two hundred years ago when science was not the ruling truth of daily life, there were other criteria to explain such aberrant phenomena, and it was based on spiritual or religious points of view. Demonic possession or control on the person involved in the incident explains why a naive-born person with a healthy early life can turn at some point in life to do wrong things… Read the rest of this story at the Post Independent

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