The ‘science’ of demonic possession

Literatus: The ‘science’ of demonic possession
By ZOSIMO T. LITERATUS, R.M.T for the Sun Star dotcom
Tuesday, August 04, 2015

ALBERT Einstein has been quoted saying or perhaps, writing, “You are right in speaking of the moral foundations of science but you cannot turn around and speak of the scientific foundations of morality.”
Perhaps this disconnect resides in the different cultures wherein each operates. Religion derives its deepest meaning in a culture of faith. Conversely, science thrives in a culture of doubt.
However, the line between religion and science has never been as blurred as it is today. And it is not about theology or dogma, or at least not directly. This point of convergence occurs in the area of healing, particularly psycho-spiritual healing, or more specifically, healing from possession.
The apparent difference is in the terms used in describing the condition. The Catholic Church calls it “demonic possession” while psychiatrists call it either “possession syndrome,” “trance possession disorder,” or “dissociative trance disorder” (e.g. multiple personality disorder).  Read the rest of this story at the Sun Star

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