Dufferin County minister finds his niche as an exorcist

While he contends ghosts aren’t real, Mono resident Gordon Williams says evil spirits and demons certainly are.

By Chris Halliday orangeville.com
Every time a woman asked Rev. Gordon Williams to exorcise the demons she thought were residing in her home, she cursed and kicked him out each of the three times he showed up at her house.
Despite his best efforts, the Mono minister would never see or hear from her a fourth time.

“When I went back, the neighbours told me an ambulance came and took her away to a hospital,” Williams recalled of the incident in New Jersey about 45 years ago. “I never found out where she went.”

That’s the first case of demon possession the Evangelist minister says he had ever investigated. Since that day, the Princeton theology graduate has found his niche as an exorcist. Click Here to read the rest of this story.

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