3 Exorcists Share Insights on Sin, the Occult, and the Might of Jesus Christ

National Catholic Register
by Patti Armstrong 03/04/2016


Like a houseguest who can’t take a hint, the devil fails to leave after the welcome mat is pulled in. He is simply not someone that should ever receive an invitation.
In my recent article on the demolished house believed to be a site of demonic activity, Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of the TV show Ghost Adventures, admitted during an email interview, that he may be suffering lingering effects of the evil he set out to capture on video. Ever since wrapping up the filming a documentary at the house in Indiana last month, he has suffered from a persistent, unexplained physical illness. I said I’d pray for him and gave him the phone numbers of two exorcists. Zak said he is Catholic.
I shared with him that Msgr. John Esseff, an exorcist for the diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years, once told me that he had to take over a case when the exorcist came down with the same mysterious illness as the person he was trying to help. When I asked Msgr. Esseff how he protects himself from attacks, he said that he always prays prayers for spiritual protection.
After telling this story with Zak, I asked him if he wanted me to send him some prayers for protection. He did. I hope he’s doing better, but personally, I think it’s foolish to go in after evil spirits for entertainment.
Just Don’t Go There
According to Fr. Patrick, an exorcist for his diocese and also a parish priest who needs to remain anonymous, God is infinitely more powerful, but no one should flirt with evil.
Read the rest of this story here…..

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