by Garth Kant, from
‘It’s real. They are real, and they are powerful.’

WASHINGTON – She was the world’s only fat and ugly fashion model.

Or so she thought. The mirror said otherwise. But no one could convince her.

In reality, she was slender and stunning.

Extremely in demand. Extremely successful. Extremely well paid.

She lived the “good life” so many only dream about – rich, successful and beautiful. But she was bedeviled by an illusion.

She couldn’t see plain reality. Not after all those years of that voice in her head.

The thoughts wouldn’t stop. The voice wouldn’t stop. The lies wouldn’t stop.

What did she hear?

“You are fat and ugly. You’ve got to lose more weight. You are damaged goods. It’s never going to change. You are better off dead. No man is ever going to want you.”

Remarkably, this poor, tortured woman had been hearing those voices since she was a child, yet still somehow persevered to become a success. But she was miserable and despondent.

She tried everything. Counseling, therapies, you name it.

Until, one day, at her wits’ end, she tried something completely different. Read the rest of the story at

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