British priests blame HARRY POTTER for rise of demonic possessions and claim exorcists are working overtime: Expert exorcists have also blamed drinking and pornography
BY SARA KAMOUNI 24th September 2016 The Sun United Kingdom

TWO of the Catholic Church’s top exorcists have revealed you could be giving the Devil access to your body – with drinking, using porn and watching HARRY POTTER all blamed for a recent rise in exorcisms.

The unnamed priests told The Times that our obsession with all things supernatural and a decline in Christian practice has led to more and more people asking priests to exorcise demons from them or their homes.

However, they added that although drinking and watching porn weakens our defences against the devil, exorcists must take care to distinguish between demonic influences and people suffering from mental health problems.

The pair, whose comments follow the death of Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, are both exorcists in a Catholic diocese. Each of the 22 dioceses in England and Wales are instructed to appoint an exorcist by the Vatican.  Read the rest of this story at The Sun

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