Understanding demonic possession

Posted at Sep 02 2017 ABS-CBN News
In this day and age, cases of demonic possession are usually dismissed as mere superstition.
But for the Catholic Church, dealing with the presence of the devil requires the special ministry of exorcism. However, not all cases of demonic possession manifest the full control of the devil.
In some, the devil may simply influence the life or body of the person.
Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo, the sole exorcist in the Diocese of Cubao, Quezon City explains different forms of demonic possession:
In cases of infestation, the devil manifests a claim on a certain property or makes use of animals or certain objects to bring about misfortune to a person’s life.
Hexed objects and haunted houses and places are usually portrayed as consecrated to demonic spirits.
The devil plays with a person’s mind by sowing hatred for things that are considered sacred by the Catholic Church.
The affected person usually hears the voice of the devil threatening him or her to do a certain act.
In oppression, the devil casts harm on a person’s body, usually causing illnesses. The devil may also cast misfortune in a person’s business and may cause the destruction of relationships.
A devil takes full possession of a person when it enters the human body and takes full control of the person’s movements. Read more at ABS-CBN News


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