Show a Liberal How Truly Frightening The Rosary is.

On 14 August of this year, an article was published on The Atlantic, which circulated across the ‘net.

Daniel Panneton wrote the following excerpt:

Just as the AR-15 rifle has become a sacred object for Christian nationalists in general, the rosary has acquired a militaristic meaning for radical-traditional (or “rad trad”) Catholics. On this extremist fringe, rosary beads have been woven into a conspiratorial politics and absolutist gun culture. These armed radical traditionalists have taken up a spiritual notion that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil and turned it into something dangerously literal.

If you are not familiar with the Rosary or the associated prayers, or perhaps you are very familiar with it, in either case we invite you to view The Rosary Hour with Bishop Ken Reihl and his lovely wife Linda on Facebook.

By the time you view Bishop Ken’s presentation, you will know how absolutely silly the far left has become.

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