Podcast Episode 3: Saint Michaels Journal, Is now live


Episode 3 of Saint Michaels Journal: The Journal of Exorcism is now live, please join us as we open the case files at Saint Michael’s.

In this episode we examine:

1. An Archbishop Discovers the Devil Is Real; A Roman Catholic Bishop sees an Exorcism first hand and has a change of heart.

2. The Tyson Tweet Tirade Calls Out The Obvious; The modern face of science points out the painfully obvious.

3. The Not So Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch; The Staff at Saint Michaels Journal point out similarities between the paranormal events at the notorious ranch in Utah and Exorcism.

4. The Devil Went Down To Gary; A update on the famous Demon House

5. The Death of an Exorcist; A man who knew all too well that evil is not only a specific entity, but a reality as well, is remembered in our Top story of this episode.



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