The Normals versus the Crazies: Is America In Need of A National Exorcism?

Linda Blair, with and without makeup in The Exorcist A note from the Bishop: In recent years, I have tried to segregate topics that I write about across four different blogs and now three podcasts.

Saint Michael’s Journal has become the home of all things related to Exorcism and the paranormal.  Saint Michael’s ministry was intended to be a place to minister to those suffering from Demonic Oppression, Saint Michael’s Chapel is a general church ministry and Episcopis Comtemplationes is a channel for opinions and editorials.

I have tried to keep these topics separate so as not to alienate any of my readers.  however sometimes, one finds that a topic transcends those categories and is important enough that it deserves to be addressed across all platforms.  The following is one of those that address political and societal concerns but also are relative to the subject of Exorcism.  So if you came here for news of Exorcism please bear with me until the end.

Last night during her rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union Speech, Governor Sanders of Arkansas stated that the conflict in our country is no longer between the right and the left, but now it is between the “normals and the crazies!” I assume that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was referring to those who can not focus on anything other than the total destruction of all that mankind has accomplished.

Hold that thought while we look at another interesting editorial published today.

Fr. Robert McTeigue, SJ, wrote in an editorial for Crisis Magazine an interesting timeline that recognizes the growth of that part of humanity that Gov Huckabee characterized as the Crazies. Fr. McTeigue’s op-ed can be read here: A Brief History of Our Annihilation 

As if writing a homily intended for a Sunday Mass, McTeigue begins his missive by illustrating the intrigue of an awkward comment and asks how the reader would respond—if they were a minister—and were on the receiving of the following comment; “Father’s homilies are really distinctive—they have a beginning, a middle, and an end!”

Fr. McTeigue asks:

What do you think the speaker was getting at? Perhaps he was referring to a kind of public speaking (I wouldn’t call it “preaching”) that is illustrated by “The Three C’s—Commence, Continue, Cease.” The speaking starts and eventually stops, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

McTeigue then changes direction from a friendly homily to asking a more serious question that has apocalyptic overtures:

Can we take the dynamic of The Three C’s and apply it to human history? We can say that human history has commenced; it continues; it will cease. Can we summarize human history then as was done by Ernest Nagel, who described human history as, “an episode between two oblivions”?

McTeigue then outlines human history beginning with the Protestant Reformation and proceeding to this modern era emphasizing how that humanity first rejected the Catholic church (Reformation Era) then rejected Christ, The Creator (Darwinism) McTeigue noted how the so-called sexual revolution of the sixties denied human nature across its physical, spiritual, and social dimensions.

This timeline represents the progressive evacuation of the divine and the human, which I describe as a process of incremental annihilation. This dynamic, already far-reaching, begins to broaden in scope. The past and the future must be eradicated.

McTeigue cites the abortion cult—which even today demands as a human right the legalization of infanticide even after birth—saying:

Where the future cannot be canceled (contraception), it must be killed (abortion).

The Father then notes the fallacy of that Marxist tool known as Critical Theory—that instills in the minds of those brainwashed to believe that they somehow have been victimized—the theory that identifies the past as the enemy:

—cultural amnesia is induced by a variety of methods, including revisionist narratives, “reimagining” historical events, and, more recently, the removal of monuments, names, symbols, and even corpses.

Thus far Father McTeigue has outlined in his missive how those that Governor Huckabee characterized as “Crazies” have systematically sought to erase the Church, Christ, God, Human Nature (propagation of the species) Children, and even history, And then McTeigue addresses how they have set about erasing even the individual:

The remaking and erasure of the individual. The individual (sacred in Christianity; one among the undifferentiated masses in Marxism) cut off from past, future, and fellows, has nothing left but an unsatisfied and unsatisfactory self.
The isolated individual rejects the self as having been found in “the wrong body” (transgenderism) or “the wrong species” (variously known as trans-speciesism, such that one identifies as an “otherkin” or a “furry,” i.e., as a member of a non-human species). Or the unsatisfactory and unsatisfied self rejects the limitations of body and mind and so advocates for transhumanism, with the individual “augmented” by various technologies in a man/machine hybrid.

He then explores the logical conclusion of this progression by defining what he refers to as Narcissistic Cannibalism:

Narcissistic cannibalism—the unsatisfactory, unsatisfied yet self-obsessed individual is running out of realities to reject, alter, or destroy. Caught in the grip of enraged and insatiable disappointment, the empty self demands that remaining realities be destroyed more completely, more absolutely. So now we see the narcissist step into a kind of cannibalism. That which is affiliated with the failed human project must be absorbed into the empty and implacable self.

The unsatisfied yet self-obsessed individual caught in the grip of enraged and insatiable disappointment, the empty self, the zombie like person who is convinced that life has no meaning, that God and ultimate truth do not exist, who wants to destroy the existing social order for no valid reason while feeding off the pain and suffering of those they oppress are the nihilistic narcissist, the crazies that Huckabee spoke of last night.

More than one mental health expert has opined that this existential, anti-social nihilistic narcissism is in fact synonymous with demonic possession.

The media has noted that per capita, Italy has more exorcists than any other nation in the world.

In his book The Rite, the novel that the movie of the same name was loosely based upon, Matt Baglio makes the observation that it is as common for Italians to go to their Exorcist as it is for us in the West to go to our dental hygienists. While we go to our dental hygienists to get our teeth cleaned, perhaps Italians go to their Exorcists for a cleansing of the soul.

In the United States, nearly 50% at least support the agenda of the progressive socialist cult. We do not know how many of these are simply mistaken in their support of this movement and how many are in fact anti-social nihilistic narcissists, those that are demonically possessed.

In the West, we have embraced the concept that Possession is rare. This of course depends on the definition of possession.

If you consider possession to be like Regan the little girl in the 1973 movie; The Exorcist, then perhaps it is rare. However if you look at the events of the movie leading up to the point of the physical transformation of Regan and compare those depictions of mental and physical health abnormalities, as well as the accompanying—seemingly paranormal—events, to real events that people suffer from today and we see a frightening comparison. A comparison that at least suggests that possession might be more common than we suspected.

Mental health professionals have written about the vacuousness, the emptiness or lack of soul, and the seemingly zombie-like individuals who are identified as nihilistic narcissists. Exorcist Priests have also noted this vacuousness, the emptiness or lack of soul, and the seemingly zombie-like outward appearance of the possessed.

In recent blog posts and Podcasts of Saint Michael’s Journal, we have noted the increase in exorcisms performed in religious communities outside of the Roman Catholic church; after looking at the words of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Father McTeigue, perhaps more communities need to explore the possibility of making Exorcism in the United States as common as it is in Italy.




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