Extreme and violent ‘exorcism’ practices lead to record number of ritual child abuse cases

Foreword: On any given day we receive news feeds regarding Exorcisms gone horribly wrong; many like in the cases mentioned in this article which are no more than ritual based physical abuse.  Typically these cases are in other countries and in communities in which the cultural tradition has no prohibitions against doing great physical harm to the supposedly possessed person in the name of exorcising a demon from him or her; the bottom line being get the demon out regardless of the cost or consequences. Reputable deliverance ministers find this practice reprehensible and campaign against philosophies that allow for physical abuse in the name of exorcism.  We reiterate constantly that demonic possession is very rare, that the Rite of Exorcism is only to be used after a thorough psychological and medical examiner, and then only as a last result when all other avenues have been exhausted.  We never advocate for “beating the demon out of the victim” as we believe that the patient should never be victimized twice—once by the demon and never by the clergy.

We publish this article in the hopes that it builds awareness of how an exorcism investigation should never be conducted.

Extreme and violent ‘exorcism’ practices lead to record number of ritual child abuse cases
by Ruth Gledhill, from Christian Today

Police officers and clergy in London were today advised how to recognise the signs of abuse suffered by children accused of witchcraft or “spirit possession”.

The event, designed to raise awareness of child abuse linked to faith or belief, follows a year when the Metropolitan Police Service received a record 27 allegations relating to ritual child abuse.

The allegations ranged from child neglect through common assault, actual bodily harm, administrating noxious substances to sexual assault offences. Continue reading


Teen to be tried as adult in girl’s satanic ritual killing

By Courtney Gilmore, Reporter, for Click2houston.com news
Victor Alias, a 16-year-old boy charged in the brutal satanic killing of a teenage girl will now stand trial as an adult in the ritualistic killing of Coriann Cervantes, and could face up to 40 years behind bars.  According to court documents, Alias and his accomplice Jose Reyes wanted to kill Cervantes so as to sell their souls to the devil.  [Click here to read the rest of this story and related posts on Click2houston.com]

City Panicked by Wave of Suspected Ritual Killings

In the last two weeks, 18 mutilated bodies have been found, all slain in the same manner as were the victims of ritualistic killings by occultists that ended in the 1970’s
By Tapang Ivo Tanku, Special for CNN Tuesday January 22, 2013 Yaounde, Cameroon (CNN) — Michele Mbala Mvogo, a 17-year-old
high school student, left home to go to school one morning, and she
never came back. Continue reading