About The Journal

Saint Michaels Journal, is dedicated to informing the public of:

  1. The very real phenomena of Demonic Possession, Infestation, and Oppression.
  2. Telling the world of the stories of the men and women that battle the fallen angels that plague mankind.
  3. And finally it is dedicated to informing the public of the dangers of Exorcism when attempted by the untrained and ill prepared, casual paranormal investigations by the untrained and inexperienced, as well as dabbling in various occult distractions.

As we discover stories on the internet, studies in published literature, or other sources, we will report them in this forum, so that you, dear reader may be the more informed on a intriguing but widely misunderstood subject.

Dominus Vobiscum

Right Reverend Benedict-Johns; Editor in chief.

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