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Please feel free to submit your questions or comments using the form below.

Also, please keep in mind that we are not connected with the Roman Catholic Church or the International Association of Exorcists; we have no way to contact the Association or otherwise assist those wishing to contact the Association, a Roman Catholic Exorcist, or the Roman Catholic Church.  We routinely receive requests for information on how to contact the Association, but empirical evidence would seemingly indicate that this information is closely held; we say that as we have even had Roman Catholic clergy contact us for information.

And one more thing; before inquiring about receiving the rite of Exorcism, please keep in mind that we are located in South West Missouri and can not travel outside of this region.

1 thought on “Contact Us

  1. I just wanted to leave a note of appreciation for the articles in this site. I have really enjoyed them and look forward to more. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to the Word of the Lord!

    Timothy Earl SOSM
    Lead Exorcist Investigator

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