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St. Michaels Journal is an e-zine intended to raise public awareness of demonic activity and those intrepid souls fighting evil on a daily basis.  It is a journal about and for the Priests, Bishops, and other ministers that have been called by God to serve mankind.  It is the goal of the staff to feature on these pages informative articles about deliverance ministry and exorcism as well as the humans involved, both the clergy and laypeople as well as the victims.

St. Michaels Journal is honored to be a small part of The Sacred Order Of St Michael: Order of Exorcists (SOSM) and this journal is proud to report the news of the

brave—world wide, North America, Great Britain and Europe—cadre of Bishops, Exorcists, and investigators that make up the SOSM and who battle toe to toe with the demonic forces attacking this world.

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