‘Ghost Adventures’ host Zak Bagans sells his Las Vegas home

by The Examiner

“Ghost Adventures” host Zak Bagans recently sold his Las Vegas townhouse for $445,000. The home is allegedly haunted and included its ghosts, demonic activity, and it even has a hidden dungeon, TMZ reported Wednesday.

Zak Bagans is best known for appearing on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” for ten seasons. The series recently got renewed for an eleventh season. Bagans also hosts “Ghost Adventures Aftershocks” which also airs on the Travel Channel.

Bagans purchased the 4,700 square-foot house a few years ago for $370,000 but he didn’t live in it for long. He told TMZ that he “got the Hell out of the house” because a demonic entity pulled him out of bed and pushed his girlfriend down a flight of stairs. The paranormal activity started happening after he brought home a human skull.

The house has a few strange quirks and it comes with a chrome toilet and a dungeon that has a hidden entrance behind a bookcase. Bagans didn’t say if he left behind the skull or not. The house was originally listed for $459,000 but sold for $445,000. Bagans got a $75,000 profit on the deal and the new homeowner became a landlord to the house’s supernatural residents.  Read the rest of this story at the Examiner

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