I was possessed BY A DEMON: Shocking claim evil spirit took over man’s body

EXCLUSIVE: A “possessed” man has said he faced sheer terror after an “evil demon took over control of his body.”
By JON AUSTIN, Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 | Excerpted from The Express UK

Gert Brouwer said he was left unable to breathe and a neighbour had to rescue him after the paranormal monster took control of him when he was aged 21.

He made the astonishing claim at the Paraforce UK paranormal convention in Witham, Essex.

Mr Brouwer, who was visiting from the Netherlands, told the stunned audience that in the year before his possession, a terrible series of events happened.

He said: “I had a car crash the same year aged 20, I lost my girlfriend in the same year and a friend of mine was murdered.

“I thought ‘why am I getting so much bulls*** in my life.'”

He said he got himself a new apartment, but after just two months of being there he “saw a web coming down with a big spider in it”.

He said: “I put the lights on and there was nothing there.

“I came home two weeks later and could not breathe anymore.

“A neighbour was knocking on the door saying Gert, Gert, Gert… she wanted to help me, but I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“I had scratches, my brain was not working anymore and I couldn’t breathe, so I went to see a shrink.”

Mr Brouwer began writing two blogs – one called “Me” and the other “He”.

He said: “I was asked why do you call it he, and I said I felt ‘He’ was a demon. I hope no one here will get caught with something like that.”

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