Dear Pope, do something, we are more possessed than ever

Number of global demonic possessions surging, reaching emergency levels exorcism experts tell Pope Francis

Vatican City: At a top-level Vatican meeting demon-busters and psychiatrists warned that more and more people were dabbling in black magic and becoming possessed as a result.
Valter Cascioli, spokesman for the International Association of Exorcists (IAE), which is holding its first ever meeting at the Holy See, said last night, “The practice of the occult, Satanism and abnormal things is opening the gateway to an extraordinary amount of demonic activity.” Cascioli, a psychiatrist, said that the danger from the Devil was becoming “more and more of an emergency”. He blamed a “proliferation of media messages, books, television programs and films that encourage younger people to look at, and even practise, Satanism.” Signs of demonic possession are said to include heightened intelligence, the sudden ability to speak other languages, particularly ancient ones such as Aramaic or ancient Greek, supernatural strength and an aversion to sacred objects. In July, Pope Francis underlined his belief that demonic possession was a real and present danger by recognising the IAE, a group of more than 250 demon-busting priests spread across 30 countries. Father Francesco Bamonte, an exorcist and IAE member from the Diocese of Rome, said that the Pope’s approval of the IAE was “a cause for joy, for the Church as a whole”.
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