When A Possession Isn’t A Possession

The Times of Malta and other outlets, milked a rape case for all it was worth as Media pundits are wont to do, a story that probably should have been handled like any other that involves sexual assault. But this story had a unique angle, one the judge referred to as macabre. You see, the accused was said to be demonically possessed, while the defense claimed it was the victims who were playing demonic games.

Our sordid story begins in 2019 B.C. (Before Covid) when a teenager was charged with assault of his girlfriend and her Mother. The Times writes:

The 18-year old unemployed Cospicua resident, whose name publication was banned under court order, was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to rape and other charges of a sexual nature mingled with alleged occult phenomena.

He was also charged with the rape of his mother’s girlfriend, besides holding her and her daughter against their will, forcing both women to perform indecent acts, slightly injuring them and causing them to fear violence.

He was further charged with having engaged in sexual acts with his 15-year old girlfriend, with whom he had been living at her mother’s home.

Prosecuting inspector Eman Hayman explained how the police had been contacted by the 15-year-old, who complained of the young man’s violent treatment and controlling behavior.

Inspector Hayman went on to detail how the Mother was a practitioner of the occult and the defendant used this knowledge to instill fear in the 15-year old girlfriend claiming that her Mother had opened a doorway to Satan himself. Testimony indicated that the defendant played on his girlfriend’s beliefs to coerce her into, not only sex with him, but incestuous acts with her Mother as well.

In one of the earliest hearings on the case, four years ago, attorneys for the defense petitioned the court to order a psychiatric examination of the victims, as the Mother had been admitted to a local hospital up to twenty-five times, but the lawyers admitted they did not know the nature of the hospital admissions. The prosecution objected on the claim that the defense was trying to intimidate the victims, resulting in magistrate Rachel Montebello denying the defense’s request.

The prosecution made it’s own requests of the court, asking for a technological expert to preserve video evidence. A Dr. Azzopardi, presumably testifying for the defense stated; “It requires particular attention because the occult is involved. This was not a mere hobby: an exorcist had been summoned and had to celebrate Mass in the property. Objects flew, voices in strange languages were heard. This is why there are certain injuries.” We only make the presumption that Dr. Azzopardi was making this statement as an expert, the Times piece was not clear, a Jason Azzopardi was a member of defense counsel, along with Kris Busietta and Julian Farrugia.

Matthew Agius of Malta Today reports his version of this original hearing, pointing out that the defendant had been denied bail after; “… he was arraigned over a sickening case of sexual abuse, allegedly involving the occult.”
Agius writes that Inspector Eman Hayman told the judge the following;

“When I say ‘control’, I mean that the mother has a hobby of practicing the occult. The control would happen because the accused would play on her superstitions by saying that she had opened the door to the devil. He took advantage of her. He would use a particular voice. This was all done to satisfy the man’s sexual fantasies. He would manipulate the woman, giving her all types of commands, ranging from the simple to the sexual.

“He would give the girl commands to have sex with her mother,” the inspector went on. “On one occasion he had ordered the daughter to penetrate her mother with an object, but the daughter could not and so he did it himself.”

In his report Agius leaves no doubt regarding the statement of Dr. Azzopardi as the Times reporter did; he writes of this of what transpired during the hearing:

The defense requested bail. “Neither I nor my colleagues have ever met such a case in over 22 years,” Azzopardi said. “It requires particular attention because the occult is involved. This was not a mere hobby, an exorcist had been summoned and had to celebrate mass in the property. Objects flew, voices in strange languages were heard. The root of the claims is this and this is why there are certain injuries. The accused had been on police bail since last month, had he wanted to speak to one of the witnesses, he had ample time to do that, even though he does not need to,” said the lawyer. “The court should not take the charges at face value, said Azzopardi, reminding that the accused was presumed innocent and that the law was restrictive on when bail should be refused.”

Later in 2019, an Exorcist testified in another hearing, however he painted a different picture of the events. Edwina Brincat, a lawyer herself who has been a court reporter for the Times of Malta, including the original piece that the preceding first above was quoted from, wrote the following of the Priest’s testimony; “’The only ‘paranormal’ activity I noticed was that as I was blessing the house and walked outside, there was nobody, but as soon as I went outside, something fell from the stairs – a broken clock,’ Fr John Vella testified.

Father Vella reported that the Mother had told him she had explored the occult, at times communicating with spirits, using occult paraphernalia, and even placing curses on others. The Exorcist added that she had demonstrated a willingness to repent and has asked him for help.

The Exorcist recanted the claims made by others that they had seen objects fly around the home, glass suddenly breaking and disembodied voices would be heard ordering victims to do unspeakable things.

Defense lawyer Jason Azzopardi asked the Exorcist if he ruled out the possibility of a spirit speaking in a human voice. Edwina Brincat the reporter in this hearing writes; “No,” replied the priest. “But in this case, I didn’t hear this.”

As with so many other cases that were postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis, this case finally went to trial in January of this year. We once again refer to the reports from journalist Matthew Agius from Malta Today, who begins by reviewing the events of the original hearings for his readers, including the sordid details.

After reiterating the nature of the background surrounding the case, Agius continues with the statements of the Inspector who investigated the case:

The victim had told a social worker that she had returned to live with her mother in December 2018. Strange things would happen, lights going out and objects being thrown around, the girl said. At first the voice would command her to do menial tasks, like cleaning, but this later progressed to her and her mother undressing in front of each other.

“On one occasion, the women were ordered to lie face down on the floor…throwing water on them. Then the ‘demon’ had told them to “switch the fan on speed 3”, which theinspector said he thought was a somewhat ridiculous order for a powerful spirit to make.


“In her account, the mother always expressed her belief that the devil was taking the form of the accused. She would see him [the accused] performing the acts but to her, he was a quiet boy.”

The first time she heard the voice was on 15 August 2018, when it commanded her to tell her daughter to move back in with them. Inspector Hayman explained the mother’s background to the judge. The woman had stronglong-standing occult beliefs and would often use voodoo dolls, dancing rods and take partin other occult practices. “She had been doing this for 10 years but no demon had ever spoken to her. Until the accused moved in, that is.” An exorcist had told the court of magistrates that in his opinion, the woman needed psychological help more than exorcism but had celebrated mass at the house to assuage her fears, added the inspector.

In another article by Matthew Agius titled: ‘Demonic’ rape trial: Exorcist tells judge he saw no satanic activity at home, published by Malta Today, Agius reports the testimony given by the Exorcist Priest. Agius writes:

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Real Stories of Exorcism | The case of Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor’s story is one of the most widely known cases of demonic possession on record due to the fact that it was documented extensively at every step by both medical professionals and clergymen alike throughout its duration from 1975 to 1976. During his ordeal, Michael exhibited superhuman strength which could only be subdued with sedatives or holy water as well as speaking in tongues and displaying knowledge about things that no human being should have known about such as events occurring hundreds of miles away at that very moment.

Occasionally, Michael Taylor would suffer from depressive episodes. He would become withdrawn and refuse to interact with family and friends. Family would later say a back injury earlier in life, which caused issues with Michael finding full-time employment, was to blame. Nevertheless, Michael was by all accounts a caring father and husband.

The Taylor family was not devout. They lived with a few miles of multiple churches, but never really found the time to attend. In a highly religious town like Ossett, this behavior just wouldn’t stand. A friend of Michael’s, who had decided his depression was caused by spiritual forces, convinced him to start attending a weekly prayer meeting.

His time away at church and private prayer meetings were starting to be noticed in his home life. When he wasn’t around Marie, he became withdrawn, slipping into deep depressions. He had become sullen and argumentative, and would lash out at his family.

Christine, Michael’s wife, had a suspicion that the prayer group wasn’t doing Michael any favors, and that his private meetings with Marie, the prayer group leader, may have been less than pious. During the next prayer meeting they attended, Christine openly confronted Michael about his time with Marie.

Something broke inside of Michael Taylor. He stood up, and instead of addressing his wife, he began to attack Marie, both verbally and physically. He was still shouting at her in tongues when the rest of the congregation restrained him. Later, Marie would have this to say:

“I suddenly glanced at Mike and his whole features changed. He looked almost bestial. He kept looking at me and there was a really wild look in his eyes. I started screaming at him out of fear. I started speaking in tongues. Mike also screamed at me in tongues. I was on the verge of death and I seemed to come to my senses. I knew that only the name of Jesus would save me and I just started saying over and over again ‘Jesus’. When Christine heard me calling on the name of Jesus she started saying it too, and I believe firmly that I was only by calling on his name that I was not killed”.

Michael’s outburst had not gone unrecognized. People were talking, and none of it was good. A local vicar called on a group of ministers, and declared that Michael was currently suffering from a demonic possession, and would need an exorcism.

October 5th, 1974 Father Peter Vincent and Reverend Raymond Smith met Michael at the St. Thomas’s Church in Gawber. The prayer group was also in attendance. Over the next 8 hours, they would perform the sacred rite of exorcism. Michael began thrashing, convulsing, and spitting, and had to be tied to the floor of the church.

A crucifix was jammed into his mouth, and he was completely soaked with holy water. At 8 a.m. October 6th, the priests couldn’t continue. They were exhausted, and by their admission, had cast out more than 40 demons from Michael. The priests said the exorcism would have to be finished at a later date, and advised Michael not to worry. They had only left but 3 demons to be exorcised: Murder, madness, and violence.

Michael and Christine were told to go home and prepare for part two of the exorcism. At 9:45, just an hour and forty five minutes after the exorcism, police patrolling the area where the Taylors lived discovered a gruesome sight: A man, shambling through the streets completely naked and covered with blood.

It was, of course, no other than Michael Taylor. The officer that had found Taylor rushed to his home, only to find more police officers were already there. Neighbors had heard noises, and the police were called. The officer approached the house but was waved off by an exiting criminal inspector.

“ You don’t want to see this one son. I’ve seen nothing like it before and I’ve seen a few. It’s the wife. She’s got no…He’s ripped at her son. It’s a right mess in there. There’s not much of her left. You don’t want to see it, eh?”

After saying this, he doubled over and vomited in the yard.

Upon entering the house, officers were met with what some would later call the worst crime scene they’ve ever worked. Michael had brutally attacked Christine, removing her eyes and tongue, before ripping her face off of her skull. He then strangled the family dog. After the dog was dead, he ripped out it’s eyes and tore it limb from limb, throwing them around the house. The house was covered wall to ceiling in blood.

At trial, Michael was acquitted by reason of insanity. He received psychiatric care for 4 years before being released back into the public

Once again, it is easy to be an arm chair quarterback and state your opinion as to what should have been done in such a case as that surrounding Michael Taylor. But as in the case of Annelise Michel we must recognize that reasoning based on secular experience, the belief that mental Illness can explain every sensational case such as Michael Taylor or Annelise Michel, does not explain the extreme paranormal activity reported by witnesses. In a criminal trial, the prosecution nor the defense have the option of compelling Satan himself to testify on the witness stand that it was he and his minions that caused the conditions of the victims of possession.

Daily Mail UK: 9 Hour Exorcism for 28 Year Old Woman

Excerpted from:  ‘Possessed’ woman, 28, undergoes nine-hour exorcism to rid her of ‘the devil’ after she attacked Italian priest during confession and started speaking Latin in three different voices, By KATE DENNETT FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 04:58 EST, 8 December 2021 | Dailymail.com.UK

  • A ‘possessed’ woman, 28, underwent a nine-hour exorcism on Sunday in Italy
  • She attacked a priest amid confession at the Church of St Mary of Mount Berico 
  • Witnesses reportedly said the woman began to scream and speak in other voices
  • Four friars intervened and a exorcism took place until 8.30pm, when she fainted 

A ‘possessed’ woman underwent a nine-hour exorcism after she attacked an Italian priest during confession and started speaking in different voices and languages.

The 28-year-old woman was accompanied by her family members to the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico in Vicenza, northern Italy, at around 11am on Sunday for confession.

But witnesses said the unnamed woman began to scream and swear inside the basilica, and spoke in different voices and languages, including Latin, Corriere del Veneto reported.
The exorcism did not finish until 8.30pm when the woman collapsed and was taken home by her parents and younger brother, local media reported.

Was Brian Laundrie a sociopath? Experts decode his ‘demonic’ artworks

‘He knew how to play with the cops, he knew how to be charming,’ a psychologist remarked about Brian Laundrie

From: Was Brian Laundrie a sociopath? Experts decode his ‘demonic’ artworks, By Sayantani Nath, Oct 25, 2021 | MEAWW 

Days after Brian Laundrie’s death was confirmed, a psychological expert from New York has analyzed his bizarre and “demonic” artworks, and compared his nature to that of a sociopath. Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr Orna Guralnik told The Sun that “Sociopaths will act on violent images.” She was speaking in the context of the numerous pieces of ‘violent’ artworks made by Laundrie himself or saved by him on his Pinterest board. Many of these drawings and sketches feature blood, knives, violence, or demonic symbols.


Laundrie’s Instagram page features his artworks inspired by pop culture characters like Hellboy, Fight Club, Rick & Morty, Watchmen and Hotline Miami, among others. However, his Pinterest board offers a deeper insight into his psyche as it is filled with pictures of Wiccan symbols, pagan rituals, and violent imagery.

As a matter of fact, a shocking sketch of a bruised, bloodied woman lying on the ground has been spotted by internet sleuths. Many have likened the same with Gabby Petito and wondered whether her murder was pre-planned by Laundrie. Many expressed their shock at the drawing, while one user asked, “Is that how you left Gabby?”

Lay students scramble to exorcism course | ANSA

From: Lay students scramble to exorcism course | ANSA

Half of students on pontifical university’s books aren’t priests

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 25 – Lay students are scrambling to join an exorcism course at a pontifical university in Rome which is reopening in person after the COVID emergency.
“Around half the hundred or so students to the in-person course and the 37 who will follow it online are lay persons,” course coordinator Father Luis Ramirez told a press conference.
The highly popular course, titled Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation, is being given by the Sacerdos Institute of the Regina Apostolorum University. (ANSA).

Exorcist Diary: You Stupid Priest! – SpiritualDirection.com

Excerpted from: Exorcist Diary: You Stupid Priest! – BY MONSIGNOR STEPHEN ROSSETTI at SpiritualDirection.com

SPIRITUALDIRECTION- explores Catholic spiritual direction advice and how a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human being based on the wisdom’s of the Bible, Church and the saints and angels.

One thing an exorcist learns quickly is that demons HATE priests! Just this week during an intense session, the possessed person, in the midst of a demonic manifestation, looked at me with rage and disgust and said, “I hate the day she met you!”

A diagnostic moment often occurs when the person whom we are praying over looks at the priest with an evil and angry look and says, “You stupid priest!” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, we could fund our ministry forever. It’s one of their most often repeated lines. And when we hear it, it confirms our diagnosis that the person is indeed possessed.

We believe that the priest is sacramentally configured to Christ. So, when the demons look at the priest, it is really the face of Christ they are seeing. This causes them unbelievable torment.

When the demons get particularly snarky and look at me with disgust, I will often say, “I command you that when you look at me, you will see the face of Christ.” This command wipes the snarky look off their faces and they cower in fear. Sometimes they start to whimper and cry. Demons are cowards and nothing in the presence of Jesus.

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Psychiatrist attests to reality of demonic possession in new book | Opinion | LifeSite

Excerpted from:Psychiatrist attests to reality of demonic possession in new book | by Rev. Michael P Orsi 10 February 2021 | LifeSite

It’s frequently observed that the devil’s best trick is persuading us he doesn’t exist.

One of the clearest demonstrations of this truth is the way people often try to reinterpret scriptural accounts of Jesus’s confrontations with demons, such as those in our recent Gospel readings at Mass.

“Folks in Bible times didn’t understand disease,” people will say. “These weren’t literal demons. They were merely symptoms of conditions like epilepsy or mental illness. But since those who recorded the incidents didn’t have our modern scientific frame of reference, they could only describe them in demonic terms.”

The problem with trying to interpret Scripture from a purely clinical point of view, however, is that it ignores the spiritual dimension of life. It glosses over the reality of supernatural evil.

Supernatural evil is real. The traditional prayer to St. Michael speaks of Satan and his minions prowling about the world “seeking the ruin of souls.” And that’s a good description of the threat we face.

Just as there is a heavenly realm, populated by the angels and saints, so too there is the domain of Satan and Continue reading

Parents plead not guilty to charges in Missouri girl’s exorcism death | CTV News

Reported by:
Parents plead not guilty to charges in Missouri girl’s exorcism death | CTV News

The parents of a 4-year-old Missouri girl allegedly killed by neighbours to remove a “demon” pleaded not guilty Monday to charges connected to the case.Mary S. Mast, 29, and James A. Mast, 28, both of Lincoln, Missouri, were charged Thursday with felony child endangerment resulting in death and are jailed without bond. They don’t yet have attorneys.

During their arraignments Monday, Associate Judge Mark Brandon Pilley also denied the couple’s request to attend the girl’s funeral, according to online court records. A bond hearing was scheduled for Jan. 5.The couple’s other children, a 2-year-old son and an infant, were placed in protective custody, Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox said in a news release.

The girl was found dead at the family home on Dec. 20. Knox said she had been severely beaten and dunked in an icy pond as part of what appeared to be a “religious-type episode.”

Across-the-road neighbours Ethan Mast, 35, and Kourtney Aumen, 21, were charged last week with second-degree murder and other offences. Both are jailed without bond. Ethan Mast is not believed to be related to James and Mary Mast, Knox said.

Both families attend the same church, but Knox said that the actions involving the girl are not condoned by the church, which he declined to name.

Source: Parents plead not guilty to charges in Missouri girl’s exorcism death | CTV News

Enough is Enough

In January of 2013, this ministry established this blog as a means to educate lay people about the very real ministry of Exorcism.  We believe that evil entities do frequently oppress people and in rare cases possess them leading them to preform horrendous acts.  From the onset of this publication we have maintained that Exorcism is a religious rite, one that should be only performed by trained, ordained Christian ministers and not by well meaning laity.  Admittedly we have been reluctant to post links to articles that report the travesty of lay people and in some cases ministers that physically abuse the presumed victim causing harm, hospitalization and in some cases death.  We do not see such events as legitimate religious rites, as by tradition Exorcism consists of a series of prayers found to remove offensive spirits.  Under no condition is an Exorcist to “beat the devil out’ of the victim.  Physical harm in no way encourages an entity to leave but rather gives it a reason to persist as its goal is to see the victims suffer.

When possible, it is our intention to bring light to these events in which innocent victims suffer at the hands of those who quite possibly are themselves possessed.

Practically in our back yard, we find a case in Benton County Missouri; the following excerpt is reported by Ozarksfirst.com, a local CBS affiliate.

Court documents say an investigator with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene and found the father of the four-year-old girl to ask him what happened. The father showed the investigator his daughter.

The investigator saw the four-year-old girl wrapped up in a pink blanket on the floor. Court records say she had several purple bruises from her neck to her feet. The investigator found that the bruising appeared to be belt marks.

The investigator then asked the man where the rest of his family was in the house. Court documents say the mother and their two-year-old son had severe bruising. The family has another infant and he had no injuries.

The deputy asked the father how these injuries happened. He told the deputy that people who lived across the road, Mast and Aumen, caused the injuries. According to the PC statement, the two went to the family’s house that morning around 8 a.m. and beat the two-year-old.

The father told authorities that the beatings have been happening for about two weeks. He also told police that he was beaten with a wooden spoon two days earlier.

“I asked how he could let people do this to his family, and he stated that they were told (the mother) had a “demon” inside her, and her children would end up just like her if it was not taken care of,” court documents say.

The father said that Mast and Aumen threatened him and said if he did not comply, someone would get shot. The father also told police that if he or his wife provided aid or comfort to the children or themselves, it would be a sin, and satan would come.

Mast and Aumen told investigators during interviews after being arrested that they did beat the children and their mother. They also said they forced the mother and daughter to a pond where more assaults occurred.

Please, tell everyone you know, demonic possession is rare and Exorcism should only be performed by trained ministers and then as a last resort after all other means of treatments are exhausted.  Do not attempt to Exorcise a demon from a person or place if you are not ordained as a minister, to do so is to invite destruction upon yourself and possibly great harm to those you think you are helping.

Oregon-based exorcist says demonic possession cases ‘are getting darker’ – The Christian Post

Excerpted from: Oregon-based exorcist says demonic possession cases ‘are getting darker’ | By Michael Gryboski – The Christian Post

An exorcist based in Oregon and who belongs to a splinter Catholic group has stated that incidents of demonic possession are “getting darker” in recent years.

James Cloud, a former Anglican who is presently an Archbishop in the Advent Catholic Church, gave an interview with Emily Burris of the Portland-based KOIN 6 after reportedly performing an exorcism.

“If I hadn’t seen half the stuff I’ve seen in life, I wouldn’t believe it, either — until it actually happens,” said Cloud, who is also a licensed counselor, to KOIN in a story published last week.“

Throughout the scriptures, we see examples of angels interacting on Earth — devils and Satan himself interacting on Earth.”

Cloud explained to the local media outlet that he feared that too many churches gave a “very sanitized” approach to spiritual life that omitted possessions, with the exorcist claiming that he was kicked out of the Anglican Church for his focus on spiritual warfare.

Cloud also told KOIN that, as a mental health professional, he first looks for rational explanations for the problems that his patients are experiencing.

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