What Are Shadow People And How to Get Rid Of Them

From Paranormics.com

Mysterious cases of shadow people are a common report that paranormal investigators investigate. During their investigations, they have seen and documented this phenomenon first-hand many times. These shadow people or shadow figures typically move very quickly and are not associated with anyone or anything visible.
Typical reports are that the shadow figure (also called a dark mass) is seen through the viewer’s peripheral vision and by the time the viewer has turned around to look at the shadow figure, it is gone. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to view one with your direct vision – and some simply lurk instead of moving very quickly.
Types of Shadow Figures
From experience, these are the most unnerving shadow figure to behold. We experienced one of these in the Old Barnstable Gaol. These shadow figures literally crawl along the floor, up the walls, or along the ceiling. As with any shadow figures they can move slowly or deliberately to extremely fast. Many assume these are evil creatures, but we cannot state this because we like to look at intent before one is classified as evil or harmless. The creeper we encountered did not seem evil as it left when prompted to. If it was truly evil, it would have disregarded our request.

Dark Mass
We term another group as a dark mass as it has no discernible form. They can vary in…

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