The title of this piece might be a bit misleading as, no, this is not about a ghost or multiple apparitions that have gained celebrity status, but rather is is about the encounters with ghosts, that celebrities have had.

Recently a story turned up on our radar at Saint Michael’s Journal written by a John Popham titled; Paris Hilton Accidentally Summons A Ghost [1]

Mr. Popham begins his essay with this statement: “They say you should never mess with a Ouija board because you never know what you might summon.” Most Exorcists, ministers in general as well as yours truly, all agree that Ouija boards are a good thing to avoid. Actually anything of an occult nature is a good thing to avoid, especially those devices or rituals that supposedly enable you to converse with the spirit realm. More on that subject later.

The author follows up on his opening line with this; “This is a warning that Paris Hilton can get behind. As she explained on a recent episode of her podcast, This is Paris, a sleepover at her grandmother’s house quickly became a scene out of paranormal activity when a Ouija board was used.”

Ms. Hilton, and others who she does not name but refers to as “we,” were apparently in a room at her Grandmother’s house playing with an Ouija board, when a crayon was observed floating in mid air. She also reports that she believes that the ghost is that of a 17-year-old girl who lived in the house 50 years before Hilton’s grandmother and was hit by a car driveway and died. Paris also claims that when people in the house look into mirrors, they sometimes catch glimpses of the girl walking behind them in the mirror’s reflection.

Paris Hilton is not the only celebrity to complain of being terrified by spirits. Paranormal experiences and brushes with the world beyond our understanding seem to happen to people from all walks of life, all levels of education, and all ages. There is no real certain group of people who are more or less likely to have such experiences, and accounts run the gamut across the board, often coming from very reliable people. Of course the reports we most pay attention to are those that come from our favorite actors, musicians, and other celebrities, and some of these are just about as strange as you’re likely to find.

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher had some bizarre experiences in the time after her close friend R. Gregory Stevens died of a drug overdose at her Beverly Hills home. She claims that in the days after his death she heavily felt his presence lurking everywhere, as well as had the sensation of being watched and even touched by an unseen presence. Even spookier was that lights and electronic equipment would turn on and off for no reason, and she would describe her experiences with Vanity Fair in 2006, saying: “Lights would go on and off and I had this toy machine that when you touched it, it would say, ‘F–k you! Eat s–! You’re an a–hole!’ And it would go off in the night by itself, in my closet. I was a nut for a year.” [2]

Actor Matthew McConaughey found that a new home he had purchased was haunted shortly after moving in. The spirit is described as a middle-aged woman dressed in blue, which he calls Madame Blu.

One evening, he claims that he heard anomalous noises downstairs in the middle of the night and no one was there, and she was apparently glimpsed or heard rummaging about the home on several occasions. On another occasion, he got so sick of her antics after hearing her making a ruckus in another room that he actually confronted the spirit. McConaughey claims to have been sober and or not high when he encountered the spirit. Being fed up with the ruckus caused by the entity he told it that it could do what ever it wanted to but he wasn’t going anywhere. Apparently all guests to his home were instructed to make the same proclamation upon entering the structure.

Keanu Reeves claims that as a child when his family moved into a new apartment in New York he was home alone with his nanny when a jacket, sans body, began to fly around through the room. The now mega-star explains, “There was a doorway, and all of a sudden, we’re looking over there and this jacket comes waving through the doorway, just empty — there’s no head, there’s no body, there’s no legs. It’s just there, and then it disappears. I was a little a kid, so I thought, ‘That’s interesting.’ And then I looked over at the nanny. It was her shocked face that made me realize what we had just seen was real.”

Now we know why Mr. Reeves did the movie Constantine, he had real life experience in dealing with demons.

Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Star-ship enterprise had a close encounter, well actually it was the actor who played Jean Luc, Patrick Stewart. Mr. Stewart alleges that while performing Waiting for Godot with Sir Ian McKellen at the notoriously haunted Theatre Royal Haymarket, he witnessed a man appear off in one of the wings and then vanish into thin air. Apparently Stewart was so flustered that he missed a line and when McKellen asked Stewart what happened, he replied; “I just saw a ghost. On stage, during Act One.”

According to local legend, a man named Baldwin Buckstone, who had been an actor himself, as well as a playwright and eventually the manager of the establishment back in the 19th century, died, and continues to haunt the theater to this day. Reportedly the entity thought to be Buckstone has appeared to numerous actors and employees of the establishment.

In addition to film actors, some movie directors have had inexplicable brushes with the paranormal as well. Acclaimed director Peter Jackson, well known for his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies of fantasy films, has apparently had his own odd experience. At the time, the director had been staying with his wife in an apartment across from the St. James Theatre, in London, when one night he woke to find an apparition of a woman at the end of his bed, with a face that seemed to be frozen into a scream. The frightening entity then allegedly hovered across the room to disappear through a wall. [2]

When Jackson told his wife about seeing a spirit, she asked if it was the woman with a screaming face, apparently she had seen the same entity.

The very well-known pop singer Miley Cyrus apparently had a rather frightening experience with some sort of paranormal entity while staying in an apartment in London in 2009 during a concert tour. Things started with a scary encounter relayed by Cyrus’s sister within the flat’s bathroom, and Miley would also see the spirit, which seemed to take the form of a little boy.

Cyrus relates that one night her little sister was in the shower and began to scream. Reportedly the entity had turned the hot water knob all the way on and the water was burning the girl. Miley said, “She was really red.” The singer added; “ I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet.”

While visiting an old castle and cemetery in Kansas, Ariana Grande, had an even scarier experience.

Stull is an unincorporated community in Douglas County Kansas according to Wikipedia. Founded in 1857, the settlement was initially known as Deer Creek until it was renamed after its only postmaster, Sylvester Stull. As of 2018, only a handful of structures remain in the area.

Since the 1970s, the town has become infamous due to an apocryphal legend that claims the nearby Stull Cemetery is possessed by demonic forces. This legend has become a facet of American popular culture and has been referenced in numerous forms of media. The Stull Cemetery has gained an ominous reputation as some believe it to be one of the seven gates to hell.

Academics, historians, and local residents are in agreement that the various legends surrounding Stull have no basis in historical fact; wild and imaginative tales created and spread by students. One such tall tale has it that an old tree in the graveyard once served as gallows for condemned witches who return from the dead each year as Satan’s army. Another legend has it that in the basement of the abandoned church in Stull, Kansas, there is a staircase. And if you follow that staircase, down, down, down, you will reach the entrance to hell, itself.

This legend has spread so far and wide that it even made it into a major television series. The cemetery is also the site of the final confrontation between Lucifer and Michael in “Swan Song”, the season five finale of the television series Supernatural. In a 2006 interview, Eric Kripke (the creator of Supernatural) revealed that he decided to have the two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester the protagonists of the series that ran for fifteen seasons, be from Lawrence because of its closeness to Stull.

While at the notoriously haunted Stull Cemetery, Ariana Grande and friends came across what seems to have been perhaps an actual demon.

They were driving through the cemetery when according to Ariana, she felt overwhelmed by an intense, unshakable feeling of pure dread and anguish. It was then that she smelled the unmistakable odor of sulfur and observed a fly buzzing around inside the vehicle. Ariana and friends decided to leave, but, not before taking taking some pictures. The singer and popular celebrity explains; “Then I took a picture, and there are three super-distinct faces in the picture — they’re faces of textbook demons. The next day I tried to send [the picture] to my manager, and it said, ‘This file can’t be sent, it’s 666 megabytes.’ I’m not kidding. I used to have a folder called ‘demons’ that had pictures with all the screencaps in it, but then weird things started happening to me, so I deleted it.”

Ms. Grande spoke of a fly in the car, on face value this doesn’t seem to be an important facet of this case, but it is.  The sudden inexplicable appearance of a fly or flies has been sensationalized in movies and books of the horror/gothic genre, for a reason.  Flies will appear when evil is present, speaking as an Exorcist, take my word for it hope you never experience the phenomena.

Uri Geller, the Israeli-British illusionist, magician, television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic best known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other illusions; is said to have been a friend of none other than the legendary John Lennon, of The Beatles fame. Geller claims that the artist once relayed to him a very surreal and outlandish encounter that he had had.

According to Geller, Lennon told him that one day in the early 1970s he had looked outside of his apartment after seeing an anomalous bright light, and that he had seen strange, bug-like creatures milling about outside, which repelled him with some invisible force when he tried to get closer. Lennon would reportedly explain this event as: “They did something. But I don’t know what it was. I tried to throw them out, but, when I took a step towards them, they kind of pushed me back. I mean, they didn’t touch me. It was like they just willed me. Pushed me with willpower and telepathy.” The next thing Lennon knew, he lost consciousness and woke up in his own bed. It might have all been written off as a weird dream if there hadn’t been an alien mechanical metal egg sitting there in his hands. Lennon would purportedly pass it to Geller and say, “It’s too weird for me. If it’s my ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there.”

Other celebrities have reported similar bizarre incidents, some have even had their homes exorcised. The rich and famous as well as the ordinary person often ask how they can avoid such encounters with the paranormal. The best we can tell them is to stay away from that which might invite evil into your home.

In the case of Ouija boards, we often hear reports that a user of the device was able to communicate with a dead relative. The user or victim as the case may be, claims that the disembodied entity they made contact with, knew personal information that only the dead person could have been privy to. The victim believes that this uncanny coincidence is proof that they were indeed communicating with their dear departed relative.

Those who believe that God The Father created heaven and Earth, also believe that at the time of creation, God had everything planned out, even down to the day and hour of your birth. We know that when God did this, his angels were with him and were privy to his stupendous design. We are told that later on, a certain number of Angels rebelled and were cast out, falling to Earth. The principle being among that group, the one we commonly think of as Satan, had knowledge of all things. Therefore, when you use an Ouija board or a psychic contacts your long lost relative, how do you know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, the entity communicating events that only your relative would know is in fact your relative, and not the devil who would also be aware of everything that you or your relative would have known?

Admittedly some can use a Ouija board and never have any ill effects, but we humbly ask, why take that chance?

The paranormal is nothing to play with, it is not a game.

A very long time ago, a 17 year old kid, who thought he knew everything as 17 year old kids are prone to do, met with some friends for a fun evening that included a séance. Weird things happened that night, an obvious understatement, as no one that was there—to this day—can give a logical explanation as to what happened. Over the years most of those there that night have had troubled lives, including the 17 year old in question. He finally gave up, he grew tired of all the weird things that was happening to him, and he answered the proverbial calling and became an Exorcist.


[1] Paris Hilton Accidentally Summons A Ghost By John Popham 23 January, 2023 https://z100.iheart.com/content/2023-01-23-paris-hilton-accidentally-summons-a-ghost/

[2] https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2018/08/bizarre-celebrity-encounters-with-the-paranormal/

Can Discernment Head Off The Need For Exorcism

As I have mentioned in the past, at Saint Michael’s Journal, we take advantage of one of Google’s many products and services in order to find reports regarding Exorcism and the other subjects we report on. We have the product programmed to send St. Michael’s an email when the Google search engine crawls across the net and stumbles onto the phrase Demonic Possession. Most usually this system fails to turn up anything usable of the Journal, but on occasion, the Google product delivers something really interesting.

This particular message Google sent us was a link to a post on ricochet dot com, that which appears to be a conservative, subscription based, alternative to reddit. Apparently on ricochet, you can comment on other peoples posts, or submit one of your own, for about five dollars a month.

It would appear that someone using the handle or pseudonym “God-Loving Woman” had posted her concerns regarding a situation with her daughter. In a second post she wrote; “Acting upon the suggestions I received from some of you regarding my daughter, I found myself placed in a new spiritual proximity to vibes and tensions and thought-patterns any sane person should want to avoid.

God-Loving Woman, or GLW, explains that she is not Catholic, but apparently is curious Continue reading

When A Possession Isn’t A Possession

The Times of Malta and other outlets, milked a rape case for all it was worth as Media pundits are wont to do, a story that probably should have been handled like any other that involves sexual assault. But this story had a unique angle, one the judge referred to as macabre. You see, the accused was said to be demonically possessed, while the defense claimed it was the victims who were playing demonic games.

Our sordid story begins in 2019 B.C. (Before Covid) when a teenager was charged with assault of his girlfriend and her Mother. The Times writes:

The 18-year old unemployed Cospicua resident, whose name publication was banned under court order, was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to rape and other charges of a sexual nature mingled with alleged occult phenomena.

He was also charged with the rape of his mother’s girlfriend, besides holding her and her daughter against their will, forcing both women to perform indecent acts, slightly injuring them and causing them to fear violence.

He was further charged with having engaged in sexual acts with his 15-year old girlfriend, with whom he had been living at her mother’s home.

Prosecuting inspector Eman Hayman explained how the police had been contacted by the 15-year-old, who complained of the young man’s violent treatment and controlling behavior.

Inspector Hayman went on to detail how the Mother was a practitioner of the occult and the defendant used this knowledge to instill fear in the 15-year old girlfriend claiming that her Mother had opened a doorway to Satan himself. Testimony indicated that the defendant played on his girlfriend’s beliefs to coerce her into, not only sex with him, but incestuous acts with her Mother as well.

In one of the earliest hearings on the case, four years ago, attorneys for the defense petitioned the court to order a psychiatric examination of the victims, as the Mother had been admitted to a local hospital up to twenty-five times, but the lawyers admitted they did not know the nature of the hospital admissions. The prosecution objected on the claim that the defense was trying to intimidate the victims, resulting in magistrate Rachel Montebello denying the defense’s request.

The prosecution made it’s own requests of the court, asking for a technological expert to preserve video evidence. A Dr. Azzopardi, presumably testifying for the defense stated; “It requires particular attention because the occult is involved. This was not a mere hobby: an exorcist had been summoned and had to celebrate Mass in the property. Objects flew, voices in strange languages were heard. This is why there are certain injuries.” We only make the presumption that Dr. Azzopardi was making this statement as an expert, the Times piece was not clear, a Jason Azzopardi was a member of defense counsel, along with Kris Busietta and Julian Farrugia.

Matthew Agius of Malta Today reports his version of this original hearing, pointing out that the defendant had been denied bail after; “… he was arraigned over a sickening case of sexual abuse, allegedly involving the occult.”
Agius writes that Inspector Eman Hayman told the judge the following;

“When I say ‘control’, I mean that the mother has a hobby of practicing the occult. The control would happen because the accused would play on her superstitions by saying that she had opened the door to the devil. He took advantage of her. He would use a particular voice. This was all done to satisfy the man’s sexual fantasies. He would manipulate the woman, giving her all types of commands, ranging from the simple to the sexual.

“He would give the girl commands to have sex with her mother,” the inspector went on. “On one occasion he had ordered the daughter to penetrate her mother with an object, but the daughter could not and so he did it himself.”

In his report Agius leaves no doubt regarding the statement of Dr. Azzopardi as the Times reporter did; he writes of this of what transpired during the hearing:

The defense requested bail. “Neither I nor my colleagues have ever met such a case in over 22 years,” Azzopardi said. “It requires particular attention because the occult is involved. This was not a mere hobby, an exorcist had been summoned and had to celebrate mass in the property. Objects flew, voices in strange languages were heard. The root of the claims is this and this is why there are certain injuries. The accused had been on police bail since last month, had he wanted to speak to one of the witnesses, he had ample time to do that, even though he does not need to,” said the lawyer. “The court should not take the charges at face value, said Azzopardi, reminding that the accused was presumed innocent and that the law was restrictive on when bail should be refused.”

Later in 2019, an Exorcist testified in another hearing, however he painted a different picture of the events. Edwina Brincat, a lawyer herself who has been a court reporter for the Times of Malta, including the original piece that the preceding first above was quoted from, wrote the following of the Priest’s testimony; “’The only ‘paranormal’ activity I noticed was that as I was blessing the house and walked outside, there was nobody, but as soon as I went outside, something fell from the stairs – a broken clock,’ Fr John Vella testified.

Father Vella reported that the Mother had told him she had explored the occult, at times communicating with spirits, using occult paraphernalia, and even placing curses on others. The Exorcist added that she had demonstrated a willingness to repent and has asked him for help.

The Exorcist recanted the claims made by others that they had seen objects fly around the home, glass suddenly breaking and disembodied voices would be heard ordering victims to do unspeakable things.

Defense lawyer Jason Azzopardi asked the Exorcist if he ruled out the possibility of a spirit speaking in a human voice. Edwina Brincat the reporter in this hearing writes; “No,” replied the priest. “But in this case, I didn’t hear this.”

As with so many other cases that were postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis, this case finally went to trial in January of this year. We once again refer to the reports from journalist Matthew Agius from Malta Today, who begins by reviewing the events of the original hearings for his readers, including the sordid details.

After reiterating the nature of the background surrounding the case, Agius continues with the statements of the Inspector who investigated the case:

The victim had told a social worker that she had returned to live with her mother in December 2018. Strange things would happen, lights going out and objects being thrown around, the girl said. At first the voice would command her to do menial tasks, like cleaning, but this later progressed to her and her mother undressing in front of each other.

“On one occasion, the women were ordered to lie face down on the floor…throwing water on them. Then the ‘demon’ had told them to “switch the fan on speed 3”, which theinspector said he thought was a somewhat ridiculous order for a powerful spirit to make.


“In her account, the mother always expressed her belief that the devil was taking the form of the accused. She would see him [the accused] performing the acts but to her, he was a quiet boy.”

The first time she heard the voice was on 15 August 2018, when it commanded her to tell her daughter to move back in with them. Inspector Hayman explained the mother’s background to the judge. The woman had stronglong-standing occult beliefs and would often use voodoo dolls, dancing rods and take partin other occult practices. “She had been doing this for 10 years but no demon had ever spoken to her. Until the accused moved in, that is.” An exorcist had told the court of magistrates that in his opinion, the woman needed psychological help more than exorcism but had celebrated mass at the house to assuage her fears, added the inspector.

In another article by Matthew Agius titled: ‘Demonic’ rape trial: Exorcist tells judge he saw no satanic activity at home, published by Malta Today, Agius reports the testimony given by the Exorcist Priest. Agius writes:

Continue reading



This past November Miles Klee, writing for The Rolling Stone, began his piece with:

“Since the late 2000s, people have shared their stories of a strange vision that sounds remarkably consistent from one account to the next. It’s the tall silhouette of a man in a brimmed hat, a presence that tends to appear when you’re in bed at night, somewhere between sleep and consciousness.” [1]

Mr. Klee follows this statement with a quote by a victim of the phenomena, who wrote on his own blog:

“What I saw gripped me immediately with fear and dread. The man had no distinguishable features whatsoever. I could see no eyes, no nose or mouth, only blackness. He looked like a shadow, only darker — much darker. He had a very wide brimmed hat and a long trench coat that flowed as he moved.”

This testimony, submitted by a victim named Timothy M. Brown Jr., [2] is as Klee wrote—remarkably consistent—with the accounts of other victims who have bravely come forward and shared details of their encounter despite the potential of negative criticisms being hurled at them from those agnostics who cling desperately to their belief that demons don’t exist. The same agnostics that decry bullying and shaming as a means to encourage conformity to the ideals of society, but yet are the exact people who never fail to use the same tactics of ridicule and shame to destroy those naive enough to claim an encounter with that which defies the agnostic’s precious science.

In our opinion, Klee was incorrect to say that these encounters with unknown entities of the paranormal realm began with the late 2000s, indeed these same encounters have persisted since the dawn of recorded history. Perhaps the hunter gatherer, the prehistoric man taking shelter in a cave, the interior of which being illuminated by a preciously guarded fire, was sufficiently aware of base physics and reality, enough so, to realize that the dark black nebulous void watching him from across the flames was not a shadow. No, the primitive caveman was smart enough to instinctively know that something would have had to be there to cast a shadow, therefore he understood, that which he was observing was of the spirit realm and not human.

Descriptions of shadowy, human-like figures have appeared in folklore and religious texts throughout history and across cultures. Some examples include the supernatural creatures known as “djinn” of ancient Islamic theology and the beings known as “Nalusa Chito” of the Native American Choctaw tribe’s mythology. The modernly-used term “shadow people” was coined by paranormal researcher and book author Heidi Hollis, who claims that shadow people have been around since the beginning of time and usually appear as dark human-shaped silhouettes in our peripheral vision. [3] Many who have witnessed such events, will tell you that they were looking directly at the entity, not seeing it out of the corner of their eye.

In a Wikipedia entry titled, Human Guise, the online, open source encyclopedia explains that this concept which appears in folklore, mythology, religion, literature, and iconography, whereby non-human beings such as gods, angels, monsters, all at times, take on a humanoid form so that they seem human when in reality they are not. Stories have persisted for millennia depicting the deception as a means used to blend in with people. Some observers posit the theory that these entities take on a human form, so as to be more frightening to the victim who is naturally concerned about the sudden appearance of another humanoid shape in their bedroom, their home, or even in some dimly lit alleyway.

The Rolling Stone article, appears to conflate the appearance of shadow people with sleep paralysis, just as far too many other supposedly intellectually superior elitists are prone to do. Klee also suggests that the appearance of shadow people might be associated with hallucinations induced from the abusive consumption of diphenhydramine, or DHP, the active ingredient in the over-the-counter allergy medication Benadryl.

As an exorcist I have heard the—you might say confessions—of those who have had a close encounter with these so called shadow people, of course, as an exorcist I have a professional curiosity in the phenomena that drives one to seek out these strange and unusual reports. While some of these reports do seem more relative to an explainable physical condition such as sleep paralysis, far too many victims state that they were not asleep at the time, or that after the event physical evidence was found that indicated someone, or something, had been actually been there eliminating the possibility that the occurrence was simply a bad dream or a hallucination.

What makes it extremely difficult to document and study such phenomena is that as with many other aspects of the paranormal, the potential is great for cultural contagion. The propagation of a phenomena or even an ideology, can spread through a society like a virus, infecting one mind, and that individual then in turn infecting others exponentially, in this manner, the virus can relatively quickly infect a large group of people. And so it is with this subject as some only seek attention for themselves by claiming to have been victimized by that which goes bump in the night.

On the other hand, Those unfortunate souls who have had a very real contact with the paranormal, find that their eyewitness testimony is denigrated by the opinions of those that are far too quick to conclude that the account offered by a very real victim, is in fact no more credible than the accounts of those who either claim a brush with the paranormal as a way to account for what was otherwise an explainable event, or, who simply crave attention.

One caregiver, who attempts to explain away shadow people as just a manifestation of sleep paralysis, includes in her article links to academic studies on the subject, one of which begins with the broad statement, “Sleep paralysis is a relatively common but under-researched phenomenon. While the causes are unknown, a number of studies have investigated potential risk factors. ” [4]

Broad dismissal of what is admittedly a common phenomena with unknown causes, as naught but an explainable physical or medical occurrence, does a tremendous disservice to those who witness such an event but are far from asleep at the time of the occurrence. Indeed, while some report suddenly awakening to see a dark nebulous form that resembles a human wearing a wide brimmed hat and are unable to move or otherwise react to the intrusion, others report seeing a so called hat man or an entity whose description is strikingly similar, in rural or even industrial locales.

In one case, two young men ventured onto an abandoned Air Force base where they encountered something frightening. While exploring an open garage bay they heard unusual sounds that unnerved them so much that they decided to leave and on their way back through the field surrounding the facility, they both sensed they were not alone. The author of the report writes:

All of a sudden, they could hear footsteps coming through the overgrown brush. That is when they noticed, across the field, that snow was bouncing up and the grass/bushes were parting, as if something was going through the grass, something they couldn’t see. One of the young men, Joseph, could see the outline of what appeared to be a human, but it was transparent. He could see through it. He could see the brush on the other side of it, but it was distorted, “like an optical illusion.” Both men became frightened and headed for the fence. Joseph and Tory both kept an eye on it as they moved. They noted that there were clear indentations in the snow and the brush and snow were moving as if somebody was trudging through the grass, but they couldn’t see anything beyond an outline. Even stranger, Joseph claimed that it seemed to completely vanish occasionally and then come back. It trailed them but never got more than 30 feet away from them except when they neared the fence. At some point Joseph stopped and raised his rifle at the thing. This seemed to anger the entity. There was some brush that stood about 15 feet high and it separated “like somebody drove a truck through it.” It was coming hard. Snow was flying, brush was flying. Joseph aimed at it but, for the first time ever as a hunter, he felt a real sense of dread, like he should not shoot at it. His friend Tory also urged him not to shoot, as it would only make it worse.

Three weeks later, Joseph returned with another friend and they spent hours searching through every abandoned building and never found the beeping device, nor did they ever encounter the entity again. Looking back, Joseph senses that the thing he encountered was “something evil” and that it meant to do them harm. He likened his sighting to the alien in the “Predator” films, but noted that, while similar, it wasn’t the same.[5]

Another eyewitness reports seeing an entity that he likens to that fictional Predator in the motion pictures of the same name. A park ranger recalls:

Since Seven Falls is considered a state park at the end of the night we would sit at the main entrance into the falls at the bottom of the canyon and monitor the toll booth. During weekends and holidays, we were out there until 3 AM. On several occasions when waiting for the end of my shifts I always had occurrences that made me feel like I was going to get attacked by either an animal or a person. We would hear hissing sounds and groans. Sometimes there were glowing eyes, either red or white in color, but larger than area wildlife. These could be seen from behind the bushes and tree canopies. But what stuck with me were the shimmering humanoid shapes. The shimmering was otherworldly. The way I always described it to my family and a few friends was like that of the ‘Predator’ film alien when it cloaked.

In May of 2022, an old coworker and I ran into each other while at Walmart. we decided to go to the nearby diner next door and talk about the good old days. During the conversation, he asks if I ever saw the ‘Predator’ and its camouflage at Seven Falls? My blood ran cold. He then proceeded to tell me about his experience on his shifts that I’d never heard. After leaving the diner and arriving home I sat in the driveway for a moment contemplating what inhabits park[6]

Perhaps the association of this so called Glimmer Man to the fictional alien Predator, is no accident. The Hat Man is often conflated with the so called Men in Black who are reported to appear after one witnesses an Unidentified Flying Object. Another writer in an article that attempts to identify the Hat Man tells us:

What makes reported encounters with The Hatman different from other supernatural sightings, is that the entity is able to interact with the physical world. Multiple reports comment on how objects were picked up and moved around, with one person sharing a story of seeing the strange being move objects on a dresser, and then waking up to find foreign coins were left behind.

According to Albert Bender, author of the book Flying Saucers and the Three Men, in 1953 a former Air Force officer was approached by three men dressed in black that communicated with him telepathically, handing him a strange metal disk in the process. This sighting was the basis for the “Men in Black.”

The Hatman, as the source of the famous “Men in Black” sightings, is a strange, potentially demonic follow-up to UFO sightings. Finally, users on Twitter presented a third theory, The Hatman is a demonic Dark Watcher; the famous specters that haunt the mountains of California. The Dark Watchers first appear in writings of the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1700’s. Those that have spotted these beings claim they are silently observing, and don’t make moves to intervene, but anyone that approaches them is likely to vanish forever. There is a definite similarity between the Dark Watchers and The Hatman as tall, dark, quiet observers. [7]

Another account connects a shadow person with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the present day terminology that has replaced the acronym, UFO:

The witness was looking out a kitchen window when the sound of what appeared to be an Army helicopter was moving by. The witness watched the sky to see the helicopter, but it never arrived, so the assumption was it went in another direction.

“As I’m starting to look away, that’s when I noticed a huge dark shadow go across the parking lot while I’m still staring at the sky,” the reporting witness stated.

The shape of the shadow was rectangular. The sky was clear. There were no clouds out and it was a bright sky.

“Meaning this object was invisible but had a shadow.”

Then later when the encounter may have seemed to be over, but the witness had another odd thing happen while taking the dog outside:

“I leave the backdoor open while I’m letting the dog out. When my dog was finished, we went into the house. As I’m going up the stairs I notice a figure going up the stairs, taking the last step and turning where the open living room is. It wasn’t an adult size, more so of kid height.”

The witness said that the figure was transparent but lightly cloudy white like Casper the Ghost with a blue outline. [8]


While the exact supernatural origin of these shadow-like beings is debated among those considered to be paranormal experts, there is one thing that most agree upon — which is that the presence of shadow people is wholly unsettling. These shadowy, human-like entities have a bit of a murky reputation, as most people who report seeing them state that they feel uncomfortable, scared, and in some extreme cases, even paralyzed with fear. Most reports on shadow people are overwhelmingly negative and are accompanied by a feeling of dread.

One victim concludes her testimony by writing: “The Hat Man was like nothing else. The sheer cold-sweating terror of the sight of him pales in comparison to everything else. Even just talking about him now gives me a creeping sense of unease. I’m neither a scientist nor a paranormal expert, so I can hardly say for certain what I saw that night. Was it a deep-seated fear of the unknown playing tricks on my brain, or a very real brush with something terrible and hungry?

Saint Michael’s Journal has visited this subject before and most likely will approach it again in the future, because it is such a common occurrence and so many people have been terrified by these evil entities. And we will investigate this subject again in the future, because, well lets just say that even exorcists are not immune from being visited by shadow people.


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Strange Things Left Him Convinced He Had a ‘Ghost’ — but as Chaos Intensified, He Believes a Far More Sinister Reality Was Unveiled | Faithwire

Excerpted from: Strange Things Left Him Convinced He Had a ‘Ghost’ — but as Chaos Intensified, He Believes a Far More Sinister Reality Was Unveiled  By Billy Hallowell | Faithwire, 27 October 2021

“[It] was like living with the invisible man.” That’s how Bob Cranmer, a successful politician and businessman, describes the almost unbelievable events that purportedly unfolded for years inside of his home.

Pandemonium truly began in 1988 when Cranmer and his family moved into their dream house. Even before moving in, though, he told “The Playing With Fire Podcast” that there were some strange signs something wasn’t quite right.

In fact, Cranmer, who also documents his story in the book “The Demon of Brownsville Road,” and his family experienced something peculiar on the day they toured the home before purchasing it.

“My wife noticed that our young son was not with us … my wife and … the woman of the house set off upstairs to find him,” Cranmer said. “He was on the staircase … standing there trembling.”

Cranmer said the homeowner’s immediate response was, “Oh, honey, did you see something?” It was a strange question that caught his wife off guard and served as a “red flag,” as they wondered what the woman meant.

On another occasion, while negotiating the home’s purchase, Cranmer recalled asking the owner if there was anything wrong with the property and the owner purportedly said, “Oh, no, no, no. … in fact, we’ve had mass in the living room twice.”

It was another response that Cranmer filed under the “odd” category. But the family pushed these minor concerns to the side and proceeded to buy the large Victorian home.


“They began to experience … knocking on doors and things moving and scratching on the doors,’ he said. “Many times, I’d wake up in the morning and all three boys would be in bed with me.”

Cranmer described what he and his family came to believe was a demonic entity as “malevolent” and “evil” and said it psychologically impacted the family. And once it “unmasked itself for what it was,” things worsened.


“[There were] a lot of strange physical disturbances, smells, [an] appearance of this dried liquid dripping down the walls all over the house,” he said. “It looked like dry blood.
Read this report in its entirety at Faithwire

Lucifer, fallen angel and evil

By Corazon Damo-Santiago – October 8, 2017 | Excerpted from the Business Mirror
This is a two part series, the second section can be read here

Demons or evils exist, not only in stories or movies. The exorcists of the Catholic Church will proclaim that they do. Scriptural imagery depicted them as black, grotesque figures with horns, tails, red, fiery eyes and with claws in black tights.

The scriptures simply describe them as “roaring lions seeking people to devour.”

But their existence is a defined dogma, from the Continue reading

Demonic Howls Erupt During Apparition

September 18, 2017 | Spirit Daily
On September 2, 2017, Mirjana Soldo received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in the presence of a very large crowd.
During this apparition, a rather common phenomenon occurred once again. But on this day, it was on a scale I had never seen before. People in large numbers began to howl blasphemies and yell like animals as soon as the Blessed Mother appeared. This went on for some time, and then everything gradually calmed down. When people who are tormented by demons are in the presence of Our Lady these demons sometimes manifest their anger in this way.
A priest who was there with us told me at the end of the apparition that he had perceived the coming of the Mother of God within his soul, and the luminous cloud on which she stands. This cloud slowly moved downward, pushing the demons down into the abyss, which unleashed their revolt and even prompted them to fight against each other. This priest belongs to a team that works with an exorcist every week, and he has the gift of seeing in spirit what is happening in the invisible realm. These realities are not new; the Gospel reveals a number of them to us. However in our days, with the growing number of harmful practices and the serious sins that are being committed, many people are opening their doors to Satan and his angels without being aware of it. Let us therefore pray a great deal to the Mother of God, because she was chosen by God to crush the head of the serpent. She is the best exorcist after Jesus! The Rosary prayer is a very powerful weapon against the forces of evil.
An exorcist from the diocese of Milano, Don Ambrogio Villa, reported what Satan said during a recent exorcism. Summoned to answer the questions which the priest asked him, Satan said: “For us (demons), Medjugorje is our hell on earth!” (See PS 1). No surprise there! Given the intensity of prayers surrounding the daily visits of Our Lady, given the evenings of adoration with people in their thousands, given the many sincere confessions, conversions and reconciliations, it isn’t surprising that the enemy of humankind feels awful there. But we must keep watch! He is doing everything he can to oppose the plan of the Mother of God and to destroy it. This is why our Heavenly Mother is counting on us today more than ever. She asked us again this month at the Blue Cross with Ivan, to pray for the plans she has for Medjugorje and for her projects. “I need your prayers to help the world,” she said at the very beginning of the apparitions. Let’s not let her down, because a lot of what will happen depends on our prayers and our fasting! It actually depends on our good will to live her messages or to ignore them.


British priests blame HARRY POTTER for rise of demonic possessions and claim exorcists are working overtime: Expert exorcists have also blamed drinking and pornography
BY SARA KAMOUNI 24th September 2016 The Sun United Kingdom

TWO of the Catholic Church’s top exorcists have revealed you could be giving the Devil access to your body – with drinking, using porn and watching HARRY POTTER all blamed for a recent rise in exorcisms.

The unnamed priests told The Times that our obsession with all things supernatural and a decline in Christian practice has led to more and more people asking priests to exorcise demons from them or their homes.

However, they added that Continue reading

Father Gabriele Amorth, Rest In Peace

Father Gabriele Amorth; 1925-1916

Father Gabriele Amorth; 1925-1916

The renowned exorcist, Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth, has died at the age of 91. [1]

A priest of the diocese of Rome, Father Amorth was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago suffering from pulmonary complications, according to Italian media reports.[1]

Born in Modena on May 1, 1925, Gabriele Amorth entered the Pauline congregation in Alba in 1947, five years after meeting its founder, Blessed Giacomo Alberione. Ordained in 1951, he was appointed exorcist of the diocese of Rome Continue reading

Exorcist Weighs in on ‘Vampire’ Murder in Mexico

By Christian Telegraph, Christian Telegraph On March 10, 2016

The murder of a 24-year-old man in Chihuahua, Mexico last month is being considered by authorities as a “possible satanic ritual” designed to transform the victim into a vampire, Christian Telegraph reports according to Catholic News Agency.
A report from the Chihuahua State attorney general says that the four people accused of the murder – three men and a woman, ages 18-25 – “profess Satanism” and Continue reading