That Which Goes Bump In The Night

One of America’s most terrifying—said to be true—accounts of paranormal activity; The Amityville Horror has once again been in the limelight when after thirty-five years of silence, Daniel Lutz—who was only ten at the time of the haunting—has come forward and was interviewed in a documentary titled My Amityville Horror.

In an entry on Wikipedia—the free online encyclopedia—we find the following statement regarding the Amityville case; Continue reading


The Dangers of Exorcism

Exorcism is a serious sacramental rite of the Christian Church, and a ritual used by many other religious beliefs outside of Christianity.  However it is one ritual that require extensive training and careful planning, and should never be undertaken by lay people or even clergy who are untrained or underprepared.

While skeptics and Atheists continue to deride the rite as well as those that perform it, a growing number of Continue reading