Father Gabriele Amorth, Rest In Peace

Father Gabriele Amorth; 1925-1916

Father Gabriele Amorth; 1925-1916

The renowned exorcist, Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth, has died at the age of 91. [1]

A priest of the diocese of Rome, Father Amorth was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago suffering from pulmonary complications, according to Italian media reports.[1]

Born in Modena on May 1, 1925, Gabriele Amorth entered the Pauline congregation in Alba in 1947, five years after meeting its founder, Blessed Giacomo Alberione. Ordained in 1951, he was appointed exorcist of the diocese of Rome Continue reading


The Truth About Demons

SAN DIEGO, May 11, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Catholic Answers Press’s latest release, Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment: Separating Fact from Fiction About the Spirit World, cuts through Hollywood myths about demonic possession and cautions Christians to avoid Continue reading

Lead Exorcist Investigators for the Order of Exorcists

Here are some of the elite members of the Order of Exorcists who are called “Lead Exorcist Investigators”. They do the first contact interview, conduct demonic investigations, and prepare the assessment report which is submitted for further action.
Each lead investigator has their own team of investigators that will assist them in working the process for demonic assessments. Continue reading

Be All You Can Be: Join the Army of Exorcists — Today

Press Release: 21 January 2013
There are literally hundreds of media reports regarding the rise of interest in demonology and the curiosity people have regarding the Rite of Exorcism.  Movies such as the 1973 Horror film; The Exorcist, as well as the more recent; The Rite have once again renewed interest in the ancient sacramental rite referred to as Exorcism, unfortunately with such interest, societal problems can arise.  With plots that are fictitious, even when based on actual events, movies inspire scenarios in which otherwise good, well-meaning people can become desensitized to the very real dangers of the paranormal Continue reading

Exorcism in Riverside, California

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan. 20, 2013 By  The Right Reverend Ron Feyl   [1]

This is a case of demonic possession of a women who transformed into a male demonic figure. She would look normal for a few minutes and then her appearance changed.

The call came in about 9 PM, with the voice of a terrorized woman Continue reading