Frightening commonality in many recent murders.

A bizarre murder case in Wichita Kansas shares a troubling commonality with other similar cases in that the suspect tells investigators that God told him (or her) to commit the crime.   More on those other cases later in this piece.

On April 28th KWCH of Wichita reported that new details in the murder of 63-year-old Micki Davis had been released; in the article that you can read here we find;

Davis was found decapitated in the home of her son’s ex-girlfriend, Rachael Hilyard, on April 9. Court documents say Davis’ nine-year-old grandson, identified as JG, called 911 that day and said he and his grandmother were at Rachael’s house and she was hurting his grandmother. He also said Rachael had hit his grandma really hard. The affidavit says while JG was on the phone with 911 he ran to his grandmother’s car and locked himself inside.

Other reports on this case such as the one by Continue reading

Exorcists Fear No Evil, and Neither Should You

by Patti Armstrong 07/12/201 National Catholic Register


Exorcists encounter evil up close—sometimes in bizarre, hair-raising ways. They are in the person of Christ, in humble obedience to their Bishop and with access to the power of God and his Church to drive out demons. Their courage comes from certainty that God is the ultimate power. Exorcists warn Continue reading

Exorcism growing among Catholics? San Francisco Weekly offers flawed investigation.

by Julia Duin 17 March 2016

(Editors Note: the article referenced in this piece can be read at St Michaels Journal or at SF Weekly)

There are some publications that treat religion-news coverage like a trip to some mysterious planet where the inhabitants are incomprehensible. Such was the San Francisco Weekly’s recent take on a local exorcist. It was so crammed with mistakes, one wonders if anyone bothered editing or fact checking the piece.

The Weekly has had some decent religion stories in the past, but this was Continue reading

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Hindus urge Pope Francis to ‘discipline’ Derry priest who warns of risk involved in yoga

Hindus urge Pope Francis to ‘discipline’ Derry priest who warns of risk involved in yoga
Derry Journal Northern Ireland

Monday 23 February 2015

Hindus are urging Pope Francis to ‘discipline’ a Derry priest who warned parishioners against taking part in yoga and having Indian head massages, writes Sheena Jackson.

Fr. Roland Colhoun, who is based in the Waterside, issued caution when saying mass in Drumsurn two Sundays ago, when he says he was drafted in at short notice. He said his sermon was based on the devil and exorcism.

“I mentioned Continue reading

Video: Secret footage the Vatican has confirmed to be a real exorcism

By Morgan Flanagan Creagh

Filmed by Daniel Trochta outside the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the Czech town of Vranov nad Dyji this footage purports to show a genuine exorcism.

Trochta was alerted to the strange activities by the sound of a woman screaming. Continue reading

Priest performs blessing in family home after boy shares bath with a ghost


A family scared out of their own home have become so desperate that they had a blessing carried out.

On one occasion Hayley Keating’s son, Oscar, screamed in terror because he was sharing a bath with a boy with black hair.

She and her boyfriend Michael Roberts, 19, also claim to have heard strange noises in the night and their TV turned itself on in the early hours of the morning.

They have now called on Father Christopher Cunningham to perform a blessing at their home in Warrington, Cheshire.

Picture shows Michael Roberts and his partner Hayley Keating and her son Oscar. A young couple called Michael Roberts and Hayley Keating from Warrington, Lancs., have recently been encountering strange goings on in their new house after hearing stange noises, doors closing shut, keys going missing and Hayley's two year old son screaming and crying unexplainably.  Thomas Temple/ Michael Roberts and his partner Hayley Keating and her son Oscar who say they were scared out of their home by a poltergeist (Picture: Ross Parry)

She said: ‘It all started a couple of weeks ago. We were sound asleep in bed and the TV remote was on the floor.

‘All of a sudden we were woken up because it had turned itself on…

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