A Letter from the Editor; St Michael’s Journal

As you might have noticed, St Michaels Journal publishes excerpts of articles we find on the Internet that are relative to the subject of Exorcism, we do as this as the mission of this journal is to re-educate people that evil does exist in this world, outside of the evil intentions that lurks in the hearts of some humans.  I concur with those much more learned than I who have observed that the greatest accomplishment of Satan is to convince the world that he does not exist.  Therefore my associates and I seek to Continue reading


Please send me information on how to attend the class on exorcism at the Vatican

“Please send me information on how to attend the class on exorcism at the Vatican!”

As most readers of this blog might imagine, the preceding request is one we frequently receive; it would seem that a large number of people want to take part in the battle against demonic possession or they simply desire to satisfy their curiosity.

It was my understanding that up until the last year or so the Istituto Sacerdos only offered this course to the Priests and Sisters of the Roman Catholic church, however as the story we posted titled “Institute to hold 11th exorcism course” explains, the course is now apparently open to not only clergy but lay people as well.


Now as to how one might attend, your guess is as good as mine at this point, but perhaps there is an answer… Continue reading

On Family Curses–A letter From the Editor

As you might imagine this journal attracts quite a lot of readers with a diverse range of interests; some simply interested in the paranormal, others seeking relief from the same.

Due to other responsibilities we cannot respond to all readers that use our contact us form but we do try to answer the questions of those that seem to be sincerely troubled. Today we received one such message, that in reality is a common fear, that of Continue reading