Dont Do This At Home: Leave Exorcism to the professionals

FOX NEWS: A father and son are in custody in California on suspicion of kidnapping the man’s ex-wife to perform an exorcism.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s officials say 42-year-old Jose Magana-Farias and his son, 20-year-old Victor Farias, thought the woman was possessed because of her alleged drastic behavioral changes.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY


Exorcisms Gaining Popularity in Bay Area


Do you believe in exorcism? More and more people do. New information reveals Americans are turning to exorcism to deal with their demons.

NBC Bay Area take a look at two Bay Area exorcists who are being tapped more and more for their spiritual powers. Click Here To Read The Rest of The Story

Real Stories Of Demonic Possession: Episode I

Demonic Possession In Los Angeles California
By  The Right Reverend Ron Feyl

It was a rainy mid-April day around 5PM when a call came from one of our bishops in Long Beach California, asking if there is a priest available to do a house blessing in a rundown, low income area of Los Angeles. I said I was available. Continue reading