Dufferin County minister finds his niche as an exorcist

While he contends ghosts aren’t real, Mono resident Gordon Williams says evil spirits and demons certainly are.

By Chris Halliday orangeville.com
Every time a woman asked Rev. Gordon Williams to exorcise the demons she thought were residing in her home, she cursed and kicked him out each of the three times he showed up at her house.
Despite his best efforts, the Mono minister would Continue reading


Unbelievable exorcisms: Why is everyone obsessed with them?

By Kenya Sinclair Catholiconline.com

11/30/2015 (3 days ago)

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – According to a Pew Research Survey, 68 percent of Americans believe angels and demons exist on Earth. A Baylor Religion Survey indicates 48 percent of Americans “agreed” or “strongly agreed” in the possibility of demonic possessions.
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by Joseph Pelletier • ChurchMilitant.com

MANILA (ChurchMilitant.com) – The Church in the Philippines needs more exorcists — this according to the archdiocese of Manila, which is reporting a “three-fold” rise in claims of demonic possessions.

“These days we have around 80 to 100 cases at any given time,” says Father Continue reading

The Golden Age of Exorcism?

by Joseph P Laycock
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Texas State University
According to a 2007 Baylor Religion Survey, 48% of Americans agreed or strongly agreed in the possibility of demonic possession. And in a Pew Research Survey conducted that same year, 68% of Americans said they believe in the presence of angels and demons.

While the surveys can’t reveal what exactly people mean when they say they “believe in demons,” it’s clear that these people don’t constitute a superstitious minority. Rather, they’re a normal part of today’s religious landscape. Click here to read more of this article.