Down The Rabbit Hole

An adventure into the unreal reality.

©2013 Bishop Benedict-Johns

Have you or someone you love gone down the “Rabbit Hole?”  No, not some burrow of a gigantic bunny but down the proverbial one—which from its use in Lewis Carroll’s novel; “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland—is a metaphor for adventure into the unknown or a reality that is different from that which we are familiar with.  In Carroll’s novel, Alice follows a large talking rabbit down a hole into an alternative reality populated by other anthropomorphic creatures.  Thusly; the modern day metaphor is used to describe the situation when someone suddenly realizes that he or she has entered into a peculiar time of their life when reality has shifted into something unexpected, defies logical explanation, or at least seems to be well within the range of the paranormal or supernatural.  Something that is very real to those that experience it; so much so that it usually converts even the most diehard skeptic into a true believer of the supernatural. Continue reading