The Devil beware Father Gabriele Amorth

By Anthony Faiola for the Washington Post

ROME — The den of the Catholic Church’s best-known exorcist is an unassuming place, a small third-floor room in a home for aging priests hidden in an obscure corner of southern Rome. I walk down the hospital-like hallway on my way to meet him, and the priest anticipates my knock before it happens. The door swings open, and there he is.
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My Mother, the Exorcist

By Stephen Bush May 9th, 2014 for the
Most British people will greet the news that almost 200 Roman Catholic priests are to be trained as exorcists with a raised eyebrow. Sixty-five percent of us don’t believe in the Devil; even among committed Christians, only a quarter believe in demonic possession.
Giuseppe Ferrari, of GRIS, the Catholic research group that has organised the conference in Rome, believes that this small army of exorcists is needed to combat a rising tide of paganism, occult superstition and black magic as people turn away from religion and towards secularism.
Unsurprisingly for an atheist, I don’t believe that secularism has left the path open to the Devil; but I think there’s a decent chance that these 200-odd priests may end up doing a lot of good.

Exorcism conference underway in Rome

‘Pope Francis knows demons exist in the 21st century’

07 May 2014
(ANSA) – Vatican City, May 7 – Catholic prelates from 33 countries are in Italy for the ninth annual conference on exorcism. ‘Exorcism and Prayer for Liberation’ is on through May 10 and is expected to draw 200 participants from countries as far afield as Australia and South Korea. Events are spread between Rome and Bologna. “It’s devoted mostly to priests who are the first to learn the ministry of exorcism, but not only to them,” said Father Cesare Truqui, an exorcist from the Legionaries of Christ, which is organizing the conference together with Catholic organization GRIS.
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from 2-5-14 Fifteen Cork people who claim to be possessed by demons have contacted an teenage demonologist for help. Nineteen-year-old Rhys Byrne from Dublin, who hit the headlines recently as the ‘Irish Teenage Demon Fighter’, has reported a surge in the number of desperate Cork people contacting him for help. “I don’t disclose information about who contacts me but cases I’m working on at the moment are mostly demonic possession. In some cases they are life threatening, and I plan to take a trip down to Cork soon.” he said. Byrne believes that “as long as there is negativity in the world there will be demons”. Continue reading

A Brief History of Spectrophilia: from Eve to Ke$ha

by “White Trash Peg” for the Who Forted Blog

The idea of steamy hot sex with supernatural beings has been around as long as people have been writing things down, it seems – with the mention of erotic encounters with devils dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. (6) The mating of humans with ethereal creatures goes back, in Judeo-Christian faiths, to the idea that Eve mated with a serpent to produce Cain. There are some modern white supremacists who employ this Bible story in validating their antisemitism, citing that since Jews are the sons of Cain, and Cain was the product of a Serpent Seed, therefore the Jewish race is forever tainted as evil. [Click here to read the rest of this article at the Who Forted Blog]