Exorcism in Hollywood, California

Exorcism in Hollywood, California
The possessed was involved in an occult group where they would worship the devil and sacrifice small animals they would find in the neighborhood.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan. 22, 2013 -Reported by Arch Bishop Ron Feyl

It was a cold rainy Friday evening about 6 PM. We were relaxing by the phone knowing that most of our calls come in between the hours of 5 – 10 PM, Wednesday through Friday, almost always in the evening, and of course, when it’s cold and rainy.

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Exorcism in San Francisco, California

This case is about the demonic invasion of a house and several family members. The following are some details about the interview and what took place.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan. 26, 2013 – by Arch Bishop Ron Feyl, SOSM

This story is true and in order to protect the identities of the people involved we have changed the names to protect the innocent.

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How To Become An Exorcist

by Henry Samuel from the Telegraph (UK)
To become an exorcist you must be a Roman Catholic priest and have permission from your bishop to join the International Association of Exorcists. Read the rest of the story at The Telegraph.

NOTE: It is the belief of Orthodox or Sacramental Churches outside of the Roman Catholic Church, that anyone who is an ordained minister, with apostolic succession, and who has been trained and has permission from his ordinary, may perform am Exorcism.  The Sacred Order of St Michael: Order of Exorcists is a Catholic jurisdiction, independent of Rome that recruits and trains ministers to be Exorcists.  If you have what it takes to do battle with the forces of Satan, please click here for more information on The Order of Exorcists under the Catholic Jurisdiction of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael.

Fr Dwight Longenecker on Demonic Posession and Exorcism

From the Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)
By Fr Dwight Longenecker

Demonic possession and exorcism remind us that the smug, materialistic and atheistic world view which secular education and the media portray as ‘reality’ is not big enough. In other words, there are other worlds. There is a reality that is beyond and beneath and within and without what we thought was reality. Demonic possession and exorcism remind us that science can only answer questions in the material realm, but that there is also an invisible realm. If you like, there is more to it than meets the eye. Click here to read the rest of the story at Catholic Online

Mount Carmel priest keeps tradition of blessing homes for Epiphany alive

By Eric Scicchitano Published: January 20, 2013
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MARION HEIGHTS — The Rev. John A. Szada Jr. walks purposefully through a couple’s borough home, sprinkling holy water in each and every room.
With scripture read and prayer recited, he presents a piece of chalk and turns toward the home’s front entryway.
“And now is the other interesting part,” Szada said, before reaching up to the door frame and scrawling “20+B+C+M+13.”
“That’s it. Now, he’s looking here and saying, ‘What’s those strange marks up there?’ ”
Szada blessed the home of Lance and Melissa Stabinski, parishioners of Divine Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, Mount Carmel, the church to which Szada was assigned two years ago. In doing so, he explained the technical aspects of the ritual along with the “strange marks.”
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Exorcism Thriving in U.S., Say Experts

The devil must be busier than ever in the new millennium.

Exorcism, the ancient rite of casting out Satan and his demons from the souls of the possessed, is thriving in America and was long before recent revelations that Mother Teresa underwent one and Pope John Paul II performed them.

“It is a big phenomenon,” J. Gordon Melton, a Methodist minister who directs the Institute for the Study of American Religion, says of exorcisms in the United States.

“There is a lot of exorcism going on.”

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What many might consider an archaic and obscure rite has been front-page news this year.