Chilling: Inside a Demon House

April 28, 2014, by Suzanne Stratford, for Fox Channel 8 Cleveland

PITTSBURGH– It’s called “The Demon of Brownsville Road,” and a Pittsburgh family claims this creature terrorized them for years, until exorcists forced it to leave.
The true events that transpired inside the historic house are now the subject of new book.
The Cranmer family says they’re publishing their nightmarish story to hopefully help other families avoid doing battle with a demon.
From “bleeding walls,” to “broken metal crosses” the family claims they experienced a hellish situation. And Adam Blai says, possessions can get worse than that. Blai has his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is an expert demonologist and advisor to the Roman Catholic Church; performing and training priests in exorcism.
Blai was also a skeptic until he entered the house on Brownsville Rd. Read the Rest of this story on Fox 8 Cleveland


A Methodist Exorcism

Today let us look at an account of an 18th-century Protestant exorcism. It may be difficult to look beyond the conventional religious sentiments in the following passages (which I do not mean to ridicule), but I was struck by the paranormal elements and parallels to some poltergeist cases. The story comes from the Rev. John Wesley’s journal dated 1 October 1763 [Vol. iii, p. 149]. The location is London: Wesley writes that he was in town on this date and Rosamond’s Pond is mentioned, a pond in St James’s Park, near what is now Buckingham Palace, and, at the time, an unsavory site, notorious for crime and illicit assignations. Continue reading

Satan exists in the 21st century and how we can fight him

2014-04-11 NEWS.VA Official Vatican Network

Pope Francis said Satan exists in our present century and we must learn from the Gospel how to fight against his temptations. This was the core message of his homily at the Mass celebrated on Friday in the Santa Marta residence.
Pope Francis said the life of every Christian is a constant battle against evil just as Jesus during his life had to struggle against the devil and his many temptations. And he warned that whoever wants to follow Jesus must be aware of this reality.
“We too are tempted, we too are the target of attacks by the devil because the spirit of Evil does not want our holiness, he does not want our Christian witness, he does not want us to be disciples of Christ. And what does the Spirit of Evil do, through his temptations, to distance us from the path of Jesus? The temptation of the devil has three characteristics and we need to learn about them in order not to fall into the trap. What does Satan do to distance us from the path of Jesus? Firstly, his temptation begins gradually but grows and is always growing. Secondly, it grows and infects another person, it spreads to another and seeks to be part of the community. And in the end, in order to calm the soul, it justifies itself. It grows, it spreads and it justifies itself.”
Turning to the bible, the Pope recalled how Jesus’s first temptation by Satan was almost ‘like a seduction.’ Satan told Jesus to throw himself down from the Temple so that all the people will see that he is the Messiah! And warned the Pope, when the devil is rejected, he grows and comes back stronger than before. Jesus himself noted this in the gospel when the devil went around looking for companions and with them returned to Jesus. Satan got involved with Jesus’s enemies and what seemed at first like a calm trickle of water turned into a flood of water. In this way, the temptation grows, infects others and justifies itself. As an illustration, the Pope recalled how when Jesus preached in the synagogue, his enemies belittled him by saying “but isn’t this the son of Joseph, the carpenter, the son of Mary. He never studied so with what authority can he speak?
“We have a temptation that grows: it grows and infects others. For example, let’s look at gossip: I’m a bit envious of this or that person and at first I’m just envious inside and I need to share it and go to another person and say: “But have you seen that person?’.. and this gossip tries to grow and infects another and another… This is the way gossip works and all of us have been tempted to gossip! Maybe not one of you, if you’re a saint , but I too have been tempted to gossip! It’s a daily temptation. And it begins in this way, discreetly, like a trickle of water. It grows by infecting others and in the end it justifies itself.”
Pope Francis concluded by urging people to be vigilant and not to give in to that initial temptation and thus allow it to spread to others and justify itself.
“We are all tempted because the law of our spiritual life, our Christian life is a struggle: a struggle. That’s because the Prince of this world, Satan, doesn’t want our holiness, he doesn’t want us to follow Christ. Maybe some of you might say: ‘But Father, how old fashioned you are to speak about the devil in the 21st century!’ But look out because the devil is present! The devil is here… even in the 21st century! And we mustn’t be naïve, right? We must learn from the Gospel how to fight against Satan.”


By Gideon Resnick Apr 3 2014 for
One weekend in February, Archbishop Isaac Kramer got called to a home in Parma, Ohio, for what began as a simple house exorcism and turned into a real trial – the possessed 19-year-old growled, spoke in Latin, and even threw his friend across the room.

“Where the [possessed] man was standing, all the snow melted Continue reading

Science of Spirit Possession

Exorcism has a new name—spirit release therapy—and a place in psychologists’ offices
By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times | April 1, 2014

Modern science questions much of the knowledge gained through the collective memory of humanity over the course of millennia.
“Every culture and religious belief system throughout human history has its traditional beliefs of spirit possession in some form or another with corresponding rituals for the release or exorcism of spirit entities,” wrote Dr. Terence Palmer, a psychologist and the first person in the U.K. to earn a Ph.D. in spirit release therapy.
Some psychologists are returning to the methods developed by our ancestors to help patients with symptoms of possession.
Dr. William Baldwin (1939–2004) founded the practice of spirit release therapy and he also used past-life regression treatments. Baldwin was cautious about saying whether he believed in reincarnation or not, but he did say his treatments helped patients, and that’s what matters. [Click here to read the rest of the story]