by Garth Kant, from
‘It’s real. They are real, and they are powerful.’

WASHINGTON – She was the world’s only fat and ugly fashion model.

Or so she thought. The mirror said otherwise. But no one could convince her.

In reality, she was slender and stunning.

Extremely in demand. Extremely successful. Extremely well paid.

She lived the “good life” so many only dream about – rich, successful and beautiful. But she was Continue reading


by Garth Kant from
‘Hard to deal’ with these people ‘without believing pretty strongly in world of evil spirits’

possessed-1WASHINGTON – The psychiatrist was on the phone with a priest discussing a patient when suddenly another voice appeared out of nowhere, threatened the clergyman and nastily warned, “Leave her alone, she’s ours.”

Dr. Richard Gallagher recognized the voice. It was the one that had come out of the patient when he had examined her. But she was Continue reading


christ-casting-out-demonsby Garth Kant from

WASHINGTON – “I assure you, I didn’t know what I was doing,” the pastor confided. But he had tried everything else and nothing worked, so why not?

He had gotten nowhere trying to help a damsel in deep distress.

She was just an average American girl next door. No obvious sign of any problems. But she had a secret, and it was killing her.

She was Continue reading

A Letter from the Editor; St Michael’s Journal

As you might have noticed, St Michaels Journal publishes excerpts of articles we find on the Internet that are relative to the subject of Exorcism, we do as this as the mission of this journal is to re-educate people that evil does exist in this world, outside of the evil intentions that lurks in the hearts of some humans.  I concur with those much more learned than I who have observed that the greatest accomplishment of Satan is to convince the world that he does not exist.  Therefore my associates and I seek to Continue reading